Ammo supply looking better in your area?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by BamaChad, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Bigcat

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    Lots of my friends have gone to using 22LR conversions for their ARs to conduct training.
    This is in order to protect their strategic reserves from being consumed in training.
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    This year I haven't been into hunting or shooting. My reloading bench and supplies are growing dust. My stash is intact less the 50 rounds of 9mm I gave (technically sold for $10, but he hasn't paid and its been 2 months...) to a colleague.

    Sounds weird, but now that society has hunkered, I've gone back to work, going to the gym most days, starting back to school today, and put the kids into 5 day full time school (had been homeschooling). Everyone is soaking up the media, I've been on a tear closing social media accounts (now off FB and LinkedIn).

    Put another way, I'm free, living, and rocking it now while many are discovering prepping...
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  3. gambler

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    It's not getting better in Dallas area. To have any chance to get anything much at all you have to stand in line outside of Academy for an hour before they open on ammo delivery day, and then it is pot luck. Sometimes they get a little bit of 9mm but not usually enough for everyone that was in line before they opened and got a number.

    They do usually get some .223 and 5.56 but it sells out pretty quick too. Shooting .22 is not much better because they frequently don't get any of it, or it is sold out before everyone gets through the line.
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    Pretty typical every where now.
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