ammo shortage???

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    i am not sure where this post belongs but why does this always happen? it seems worse now then ever! police are even low and cannot find there rounds to restock. this is a big red flag for me. i had to sell all of my firearms about a year ago because i lost my job, and cannot get any new ones for an estimated 3 more months. this is kinda freaking me out.... i want my guns! any opinions on why this is happening?
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    The Democrats and liberals fighting hard for a ban on pretty much every rifle/shotgun that have a pistol grip or takes a magazine. This is causing a MAJOR buying craze. Certain calibers of ammo in almost nonexistent, and guns that are even remotely likely to fall under a ban are hard to find, and selling for 2-4 times their value.
    All you can do is either pay the price, or wait until the buying craze dies down, and hope that there isn't a ban by then.
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    Have you been asleep the last month :confused:
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    It's a terrible time to be buying guns and ammo. Prices are through the roof due to the huge demand and low supply.

    I'm a FFL and all of the distributors I use are out of guns and ammo and backordered for at least 4 months on everything. Personally, I've stopped shooting everything except 22s, and only those in moderation. I'm going to wait this thing out. It's killing me, but I think I'm going to have to find a new temporary hobby.