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    Has anyone heard of any ammo shortages as a result of the war in Iraq? I just saw an article claiming that there is one but I bet if I was to go to walmart they would have plenty.
  2. matt g

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    If I'm not mistaken, the gov't. still makes it's own ammo.

  3. Bidah

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    I would say in a general big picture sort of way, yes there is a shortage. Have you seen the prices lately? I know that HSM which is here in the state cannot keep with demand from Police agencies, and they are not the only ones.

    Depending on what caliber you are looking for, Wal-Mart may just be out of what you want. Then they may not depending on the day.

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    The government gets all of its components to make ammo the same place you and I get it from supplyers like CCI ,WINCHESTER , Remington , Federal ECT, the price of metal has doubled and is going higher, I,m sure the war has alot to do with it!!! I know CCI is not going to make primers for suvilian retail for at least two years cause the government is in short supply, and I'm sure thats not the only thing, so yes we are having an ammo shortage but this is just the start of it, I'm sure it is going to get alot worse as time goes on!!! Keep in mind that after you run out of ammo you are left holding a glorified baseball bat, so it might be in your best intrest to stock up now, the future is unsure, and I don't remember ammo ever getting cheaper, so don't hold out for that. I personaly have gotten rid of alot of oddball stuff and only kept the guns that are near and dear to me, with just a few differant cal, so I can consentrate on only those parts nessasary to keep my ammo needs stocked up!!! I don't know how much truth there is to this but I heard Lake City ammo depot is at its lowest since ww11, So consider yourself warned!!!
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    Just and after thought, those of you that think you will not be effected because you shoot a Ruger .204 or a non militarry round, keep in mind that it's the same primer used to build the round that the .223 cal uses, ALL ammo will be affected, the shortage could be anything from powder to brass, primers, lead, copper,ECT, You get the idea!!!
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    The military buys it's ammo from commercial manufacturers, who produce the ammo to military specs, under contract. I don't think the military has made it's own for several decades.

    Military contracts accounts for part of the shortage and price increase, as well as the shortage of raw matereials, such as the metal used to make the components. Another issue is the cost of fuel to deliver the raw material and the finished product is passed along to the consumer. As long as we are getting most of our oil from overseas, it's something we're going to have to llive with.
  7. Dgunsmith

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    Civilian supply

    Prices have risen substantially in the past year and the UN has banned the sale of surplus small arms ammo in a supposed effort to combat terrorism.

    Police Departments have complained over the shortage and Homeland Security has asked the manufacturers to fill the PD orders before the civilian orders.

    There is only so much capacity. The manufacturers have HUGE orders of small arms ammo from the Government they must fill, on a monthly basis.
    The Government does not load ammo any more.

    Prices of everything in ammo has gone up from the prices of metals to the price of oil.

    It is unlikely you will see prices go down and availability will be tougher.
    Best to have some saved up for a rainy day.....without ammo..firearms make very poor self defense tools !:rolleyes:
  8. alsaqr

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    "If I'm not mistaken, the gov't. still makes it's own ammo"

    The US military has one small arms manufacturing plant left: Lake City Ammo Plant in Independence, MO. That plant is run by Olin Corp. and manufactures 5.56mm through 20mm ammunition.

    BTW: During the run up to Desert Storm, the US Army did not have nearly enough 9mm and .45 caliber ammo. They bought tens of millions of rounds from Israel.
  9. bkt

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    So can the relative high cost of .223 (as opposed to 5.56) be attributed to the cost of metals? Or is civilian demand also higher?
  10. Weedeater

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    If you think you guys have a shortage of ammo in the U.S, you should come down to South Africa.

    We battle to get any decent ammo, esp. handgun defensive ammo.
    I have phoned around recently to check availability of 9mm JHP ammo, most gun shops (the few that still exist) have little or no stock of 9mm JHP's. Even ball ammo is becomming scarce. What you can get is being sold at a rediculous premium, sometimes 3 x the cost price if not more.

    PMP still manufactures ammo for the civilian market, there are also a few smaller companies that manufacture ammo, but stock is hard to come by as it is bought up as quickly as it arrives.
  11. robocop10mm

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    Federal runs the Lake City plant for the Gov't. They supply most small arms ammo for the line troops. Some of the smaller, semi-autonomous units (SF and DELTA) "allegedly" procure at least of their ammo from other sources (Blackhills). To supply the Iraqi's with ammo the Government is buying up much of the world surplus stocks. The commercial manufacturers may be supplying some components to LC. The world prices for metals (Copper, Lead, Brass) have skyrocketed. China and India are buying all they can get. If the politicians would get off their A$$es we could get this thing wrapped up and stabilize the market. The politicians do not want this thing to end. The Military Industrial Complex is making serious $'s. That is the main parallel I see to Vietnam. They do not want to win the war. They want to string it out and make money for themselves and their contributors.
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    Also realize that once the AW ban ended in 2004, there are a LOT more people purchasing AR type rifles now than could during the 10 year period at that time. Increased demand from the public means supplies get rarer.. not to mention what's going on in Iraq and Afganistan (remember that one?) also. Since more units are going active and/or rotating in and out, training has also gone up substantially, and that drains supplies further as well.
  13. Righteous

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    Must only be shorts in certain areas, look at cabelas and cheaper than dirt they have plenty and 7.62.39 at great prices as well as 223, At my store Academy Sports we have Monarch russian ammo for 7.62 and 223 as well as 308 at killer prices and have plenty in stock Bought a bunch of lake city ammo other day just to put back for a rainy day ;)
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    Yes, ammo is going up. I've been talking to a lot of people about this and it seems 15% to 30% as of January 1. I just stocked up on a bunch of shotgun shells before the increase hit. I bought a case of 16 gauge low brass Winchester game loads for $52.99. When they rang up at the register it was $75.99. I got them for 52, but was told next time I buy , that will be the price. I was at Cabella's the other day and noticed they were in the middle of changing all the price labels on the shelves. 22's have jumped as well, Federal .22's that were selling for $12 a brick in December are now $26! Remington and Winchester .22's seemed to have almost doubled as well. Primers have jumped a few dollars per thousand too. Lead shot in my area is selling for about $65 per 25 pounds. The last bag I bought was in 2001 and paid $13. I know that was awhile ago, but over 400% increase in 7 years is crazy!

    The war is not the reason ammo is going up in price. It may cause a short term shortage of certain calibers, but not too much in price. The real reason is that our "friends" in China are buying all our scrap metal. A friend of mine in the demolition business told me when they take scrap copper in to the recycler, it is immediately shipped to China, because they will pay more for it.
    So, American companies must pay more in order to secure raw materials too, so guess what? Price goes up!!! Today is a great day to start reloading and casting bullets too. Save that brass!

    I would recommend finding some good deals and stock up as much as you can afford to because I would not bet this is the last price increase this year. Sometimes I do wonder if this isn't a ploy by our anti gun politicians to price us out of our hobby. They figure they have never been able to win on the platform of gun confiscation, so lets make ammo so expensive that no one can afford to shoot. If this isn't the case, I'm sure they're amused none the less.
  15. Chuck

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    Nothing against you but when do we take our orders from the UN? :rolleyes:
  16. bkt

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    We don't. But other countries with lots of desirable bulk surplus ammo might.
  17. Zappa

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    Holy Moly!
    I haven't bought lead shot in so long I didn't realize how much it went up.
    I used to shoot a lot of skeet until my club was forced by the EPA to stop using lead shot on the skeet and trap ranges several years ago. (2002?)
    Something about being too close to wetlands........
    Just before this happened, I bought a dozen bags of #8.5 (hard to find, but that's what I preferred for my "pet" 1 oz.load) on sale for a really great price. IIRC, it was somewhere around $12 a bag. But I got "stuck" with it after it was banned. I still have 10 bags left. I'm using it as "ballast" in the bottom of my safe!
    This just may turn out to be a VERY good investment ;)
  18. 1hole

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    The growth of the economies of Pakistan, India, China, Indonesia, etc. all have produced higher levels of competion for finite productions of oil, lead, copper, etc. It will only get worse as they modernize and grow. Can you imagine how much copper it will take to provide an electrical infastructer for those large countries? And the tons of oil they will need for newly paved highways, power generation, plastics, fertilizer and fuel?

    Our prices, on eveything due to inflation, will increase as their consumption increases. The only solution is for our politicians to abandon the tree-hugger movements and open our own, known oil reserves and allow the construction of new nuclear power plants. It won't happen until the public demands it and that's not on the horizion as yet.
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    Righteous what part of Alabama do you live in? I'm in Alexander City and I often shop at Academy in Birmingham but I haven't found what I would call great prices on any ammo; Guns yes ammo no.
    Even at the gun shows the surplus ammo pickings are slim to none, and the prices are just stupid.
    As for those who wrongfull think the U.N. has no controll over our sport, just wait until the next Democrat goes into the oval office, a sad day for the USA!