Ammo Shortage Solutions

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    We are deep into an ammo drought. With no rain in sight.

    Nationwide, only sporadic shipments of ammo here and there.

    We are in dangerous times. Our freedoms are being challenged, and a firearm is no better than the healthy supply of ammo available.

    Ammo, traditionally has several uses, some prevailed upon more than others, that tend to fall into these general categories.

    Leisure, plinking, target shooting






    As a citizen of the USA, we most often fall into the first two categories, and it is the first category, that tends to burn up ammo, with nothing to show for it, except experience, and entertainment.

    I highly suggest, all firearms usage, be curtailed for the next 90 days for the expressed use of experience, leisure, entertainment, and yes, male bonding. Lol

    We have entered a crisis because the ammo shortages have made it difficult for police, sheriffs and citizens with militia concerns, to maintain a necessary storehouse of ammo.

    I suggest every able bodied human hit your local Wal-Mart's, daily, looking for the ammo you need to refill or first fill your storehouse, and then, while you are making provisions for the present needs, and the uncertain future, not plinking it away as fast as you locate ammo.

    I promise to only buy ammo for the next 90 days, and not shoot a single round needlessly, and to reassess the crisis in 90 days.

    I also pledge to send the NRA one penny for every round of ammo I purchase, as a way to repay karma, luck, providence, Gods, gods, lessor gods or whoever or whatever.

    Will you also join in this pledge?
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    The time to deal with an ammo shortage has passed. Regardless of popular opinion Obama was a huge favorite to win the election. If you were surprised we are having an ammo shortage right now I don't know what to say. The summer before the election I was buying ammo by the case. I even bought a case of 223 ammo and I hate the frikin gun. But you never know what was going to happen and hurricane season will be here before a steady supply of ammo. My stuff is not getting looted because I didn't buy ammo.

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    All I can say is I'm glad I saved my .223 shells. I don't have to really worry about buying ammo unless its for my shotgun and I already have a bunch of those shells and can make more

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    Now I just wish I could find powder and primers and I would be set.
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    Powdervalley has a good selection of propellants and primers. You need to order a decent amount to defray the haz-mat charges. I should have 19 lbs delivered early next week.
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    what problem?

    Yeah, that will solve the problem.:rolleyes: