Ammo questions, FMJ, lead, JHP etc

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  1. donster123

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    Hello all!
    I live in an apartment. I have a Glock that is 40 S&W. How valid is the thought that a hollow point is least likely to penetrate my neighbors' apartment. Also my range won't allow any lead, what is a good "bulk" 500 rounds of ammo for shooting at a range? Thanks, Don.
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    You absolutely should use JHPs for defense situations. They're designed to reduce a threat while minimizing the risk to others in the vicinity. But as others are sure to mention, it's tough to beat a shotgun for home defense...especially when you can pick a up a serviceable pump action for $150-300.

    You should be able to find factory bulk 40sw a number of places for around 30cents/round ($15/50). Walmart has good prices on the cheap stuff.

  3. donster123

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    I like shotguns. Had a 12 gauge for many years

    Thanks Sweeper! The only problem i have with a shotgun is the ability to maneuver down a hallway. An intruder could get a jump while i'm trying to come around a corner or in the hall itself. My .40 cal allows me mobility and flexibility. I love the sound though of chambering a shotgun. That most times does the job. My neighborhood and apartment complex has turned bad and sad. Break-ins are happening in both day and night. One woman was raped and another renter 4 doors down had his apartment looted while he was at work. I just fear the ammo passing through the drywall and into my neighbor's apartment. Any confrontation would be within less than 12 feet. The 12 gauge would irritate my wife if the pellets grazed the furniture. :D
    But you are right. A shotgun is truly a universal means of self and home protection.
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    While hollow points will technically penetrate less than an FMJ rd, they will still go through pretty much all the walls in your apartment, and the next one, too. Walls are not built like they used to be.

    I had a friend once who cooked off a 9mm 115gr Silvertip from his HK94 while sitting in his living room. The bullet went through several walls, exited his house and went into his neighbors garage where it was stopped by a large metal object. Oops.
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    If your wanting good selfdefence round that won`t go through wall your only choice is prefragmented bullets. They are great stoppers, but cost to much to practice with. I carry a .44 mag. for ccw and have it loaded with the first 2 being prefragmanted round and the last 4 HP`s.
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    International Cartridge Corp
    2273 Route 310
    Reynoldsville, PA 15851
    They make frangible ammo for indoor range use. Good on paper and punches thru 3/8 pressboard and literally disintegrates. (my experience with 45 auto, 155gr) I wouldn't want to get hit with one. Don't know what they want for a case lot. You can do a search.
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    That sounds like a great price. Thanks for the info!
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    At my age and experience, I'd not attempt to "clear" my home. I can/ and will protect my self, and my wife without having to wonder "how many are there? are they armed, and where are they?". Cops are trained for that, and insurance can replace "stuff", but not lives. At 12 feet.... well, go pattern your shotgun at that distance, with the load of choice, and you'll see that you will have to aim the shotgun. It will NOT be "point in the general direction and pull the trigger". Uhhhh, can you keep the shotgun within reach all the time, like you can a handgun?

    Just my opinion, of course...... stay safe.....

    Just my opinion, of course.
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    That's a decent point. I hear a lot of people saying they'll use their handgun to get to their shotgun. I keep shells with mine, but not chambered... maybe I should? I don't know...
    My standard (at home) is a loaded 1911 and a loaded extra mag (for me) and a loaded .38 (5 shot) snubby with a loaded speed loader nearby. The rest of my family knows the recoil trade off of the smaller revolver, but they'd prefer to rely on the "just pull the trigger and it'll go bang" in a stressful situation (should the auto have a jam - not that it's happened - just a scenario "what if")...
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    The shotgun is not hard to maneuver in an enclosed space if your barrel is 18 to 26 inches long. You never carry a shotgun at port arms in the situation you speak of. You always carry a shotgun pointed down or parallel to the deck.The reason for this method of carry is to prevent the shotgun from being taken away from you by a intruder. You just pull the trigger. I would use size 6 or smaller shot. The JHP may not expand and may penetrate numerous sheet rock walls. My rule of thumb is to let the intruder come to me. Always have the shotgun pointed down when going around a corner of a room. This is my opinion.

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    I just haven't found a shotgun that I can shoot competently using just one hand. I'm one of the masochists that shoots one-handed, both weak and strong when I go to the range because situations or injuries may require me to. Jetgirl, (I used to work on jets) an empty tube is a useless tube. The theory about frightening off an intruder by chambering a round doesn't address the fact that any noise you make lets him know where you are and what you are packing. I'd hate to hear about someone being shot while chambering a round.