Ammo purchase orders being cancelled, back order no being filled

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  1. Bigcountry02

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    I have already experienced this and other here too. I am also reading it on other forums.

    Orders that were placed back in October of this year are not being filled; but, cancelled.

    Common rifle ammo .223/5.56 (I picked up some PMC X-TAC 5.56 62 gr. ammo)

    From other forums

    "Ok, probably the wrong forum but it'll get some exposure for a bit before it gets move.

    WAY back in the beginning of October I put in an order for some Federal rifle ammo through Cabela's, it was promptly put on back order - that's OK, I believed it was coming in. I check the order, now about two months old and find it was cancelled. [email protected]

    So I get a hold of customer service and find out they cancelled the order because Federal said no more back order fulfilling.

    I find this distressing a bit. Yeah, I can find this sort of ammo elsewhere if I look but even on Cabela's much of it's 'backorderable'.

    It's a COMMON rifle caliber, very common. I know this isn't new news but I figure if the main manufacturer's aren't supplying a major retailer something is way more than just 'up'.

    I'm preaching to the choir but get that ammo folks (if you need to)."
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  2. JonM

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    cabelas often has issues with not filling backorders. i tried using em in the past for a few things and always got the run around. dont even bother shopping their site anymore.

    if it was a more honest company i would lend it more credence.

  3. Sniper03

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    Bottom line is a lot of retailers had no idea the ammunition demand was going to be what it is at the present time. I would encourage anyone wanting 223/5.56 and any popular calibers get it anywhere and as much as you can get.
    Two weeks ago a dealer at a California Gun Show that my best friend was at, sold believe it or not, 12 skids full of 7.62X39 ammunition. He said the wooden skids were completely full and stacked about 8 cases high. They brought them in with a portable fork lift. He said the people looked like aunts walking up the aisle carrying a case or so of the ammunition away from that booth. Yes I said 12 skids! And there was no ammunition for sale (of the popular brands) anywhere by Sunday afternoon! A lot of the major AR manufacturers are now running 4-6 months out on delivery due to the demand at the present. I think in their case Cabela's of course miscalculated their estimated ammunition demand for 223/5.56 and ran way short. I have a good friend that is an executive with ATK (who owns Federal) and he said it is getting absolutely crazy. Law Enforcement Agencies are ordering 223/5.56 ammunition at the present one year in advance. And other pistol calibers at least 6 months in advance in order to get it in in time for training and department issue. So that is some of what is going on. I stopped by a gun ship in the Indy area while teaching last week. The owner advised their shelves had been cleaned of any and all AR-15 Rifles and most of the Semi-Auto Pistols he had in stock which was easy to see. This is not a real small store either! O may be a complete jerk but he is the best ammunition and weapon salesman in the world! So if you can find the ammo! Get It! I would look at Cheaper than Dirt or Midway USA for a couple of sources.

  4. DaTexanBoy

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    Glad I reload and am stocked up on primers, bullets and powder.

    There hasn't been to much a rush in ammo here in Arkansas that I've seen. Hardly anyone buying reloading stuff in local stores in Arkansas. There still a couple places here in Arkansas I can go to and wouldn't worry a bit whether I can find it or not.
  5. potentialglock

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    I've had a hard time finding more than 100-200 rounds of 9mm and. 45 at any given time. Everywhere from bass pro to dicks sporting goods to Walmart is cleaned out.
  6. Fathead00

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    I just had to drive to a Walmart I've never been at before. I bought 5 boxes of Federal (100 rounds) for $19.97 a box. The Walmart is about 30 minutes further than my normal Walmart, but I'm happy now.:)
  7. c3shooter

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    113 has a ton of .45 acp for sale. My LGS (visited this afternoon) has two cases of handguns, and several AR type rifles- even a few AKs. Some shortages seem to be regional.
  8. Bigcountry02

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    I did a local run to Sportsman's Warehouse, Dick's & Wally World. The .22LR is getting slim. I did pickup some Remington 223 55 gr and PMC 223 55gr; small boxes, nothing bulk version. Talked to one and they are getting a small amount than what they ordered.

    We had the local Gun Show, word I got from some, the gun and accessories prices too high and ammo is slim; some reloads sellers only, not like in 2009 some sweet bulk purchases.

    Sportsman's Warehouse has alot of AR's on the shelves.

    I forgot to add, Sportsman's has alot of tracer rounds!
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  9. kycol

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    The shelves at my local Walmart has never had more 223 and 5.56 that it does now the shelves can't hold more had to move it down to other section of shelfs. But I love it hope everyone gets out and stockpiles 3 times what they could shoot in a lifetime.then maybe prices will normalize and I can buy from classified adds from everyone when they start realizing there was nothing to panic about.
  10. John_Deer

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    What the sporting goods manager at wally world told me her ammo orders are very spotty. Not that there is a shortage but the track can only hold so much and it has to deliver some ammo to every store on the route.
  11. okdonk

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    Yesterday Brownells had WPA 223 for $5/box. I managed to ordered 500 rounds with free shipping.
  12. Jeff56

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    Nothing to panic about? You better hope that's the case. I can tell you about a time not so long ago when there was plenty to worry about. In fact Obama has promised to make gun control a priority in his second term. I hope you don't run out and stockpile ammo. I hope you don't believe there will be a shortage. Just because we had one before that's no reason to think there will be another one, right? The fewer people buying ammo means more for me. Only I stockpiled ammo from before. To think there won't be any reason to worry about getting more is a head in the sand attitude friend. Just wait until the government decides guns are a health issue. Or wait until they agree to the UN treaty on small arms. These things are real threats friend.

    You know the Jews swore there would never be an actual problem with the Nazis before there was one.
  13. JWagner

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    A friedn asked me to get her some S&B .380 from Sportsman's Guide a few weeks ago. I put the order in and now they tell me to expect it in Mid February.
  14. orangello

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    I stocked up on some SKS feed and some .45acp for the XD mail-order. Last time i was in Walmart, they had a few boxes of each of the popular calibers; i picked up 300 rounds of .38 & .357 ammo without buying the last box of anything.

    edit* left out the "of each", my bad.
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  15. markw2011

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    Been looking for 100rd boxes of federal at Walmart hasn't been any since before thanksgiving and they said they don't even have any on order b
  16. Chainfire

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    When I buy bulk ammo I do it online from who has it for the best price when I am buying. I just went to the web site of one of them, they showed .223, 9mm, and 45 ACP in stock in many different flavors. They did warn of shipping delays due to volume of traffic.

    Can you say panic buying......again. Old boogey man Obama is gonna come get your stuff, better buy now. Just like he did after the last election....
  17. locutus

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    Concern, yes. Panic, no!
    Osamabamma ding dong will not, I repeat NOT get any kind of gun control through congress this year or next. There is not onlt republican control of the house, but there are democRATS
    in the senate that don't want to be unseated next election. They remember the election disaster they suffered in 94 because of the Slickmeister's so-called AWB.

    Even as low life as the democRATS are, they';re certainly not NAZIs. ( At least not yet:rolleyes:)
  18. Fathead00

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    Which brands do you buy Chain? There are sooooo many different kinds of ammo out there. I'm just hesitant to buy brands I don't know about and then what if my babies don't like that ammo.;)

    HOSSFLY New Member

    No the sky is not falling.
    Picked up a box of WWB at WM today & left plenty there-
  20. Bigcountry02

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    I am going out in the morning. The other day at Sportsman's Warehouse I did pickup some 20 round boxes of PMC, Federal & Remington. There was no sign of 50 round boxes of HSM, Remington, etc.

    Locally, it is slim.