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  1. BigB

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    I know most people recommend 1000 rounds on hand per firearm. My question is, say you're talking handgun ammo, does that mean full metal jackets or hollow points? Mix of either or? Does it matter so long as you have a sizeable quantity? I was just thinking about it, and was wondering if anybody knew, is there a right answer?
  2. Kemosabe

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    I guess the right answer would be the one you're satisfied with. Am I satisfied with the amount of ammo I have, not by a long shot. I'm doing my best to stock up while the mayhem continues. The best way for me to solve this dilemma is to order the ammo either through my LGS or online.

    The best advice I could give you is stock up on practice ammo and SD ammo for each firearm you have. You will have to determine how much you will be satisfied with.

  3. locutus

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    Depends on how much you shoot. I keep 150 rounds of factory +P+ JHP in 9MM. That is carry/SD/HD/ SHTF ammo.

    I try to keep at least 4000-5000 rounds of 9mm FMJ for practice.

    5.56, I have 300 rounds of LC M855 Ball in magazines. Several thousand reloads and cheap M193 ball for practice.

    I don't shoot my .303s very much, so 500-600 is adequate.