Ammo & "jamming"

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by mr1911, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. mr1911

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    I've heard for years about how terrible 1911s are for feedway jams, especialy govt. style guns, "they only take ball ammo" is the standard rule of thumb.

    Well, with all the ammo "shortages" I've had to shoot whatever I could get my hands on and my ol' Colts haven't jammed once, hallow points, flat points, semi-wad cutters, you name it, nothing fails in these G.I. style guns, the only difference is I don't use generic G.I. style mags.

    Anyone have a gun or type/brand ammo that just won't work together?
    very interested to hear what experiences you guys have had.
  2. OC357

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    A Walther P22 that wouldn't eject nothing but CCI MiniMags. I only tried several brands but as soon as it was fed the Mini-Mags it was flawless and then I was afraid to keep experimenting.


  3. Nick22

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    I've heard both, that 1911 gov' style was designed only to eat ball ammo, not all the JHP, or wadcutter ect. or that it will shoot anything. personally, i bought a taurus PT1911, just your standard 1911, due to ammo shortages ive also fired whatever i could get ahold of. and ive NEVER had a misfire, squib round, double feed jam or malfunction with my 1911 or the ammo ive fed it since the day i bought it 1 year and some odd months, ive shot over 2000 rounds out of it!
    praise John Moses Browning for such an awsome weapon!!!
    BTW, if you choose a taurus, the follower on the factory mags wears down after about 300 rounds, chip mccormick makes a very high quality replacement :)