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  1. Yaknow

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    So what's the best way to break in a new rifle? Is there any one brand maybe to start out w. that is better than others? Or do I just go out & buy the cheapest stuff I can get, work my way up in price & then stop when I get something that is consistent enough for my needs? I've read recomendations as to certain brands, but never knew the reasoning behind it.
  2. fireguy

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    I have had problems with Remington bulk pack .22. Others have as well. Federal and Winchester have been good to me. If you want to spend a little more money, CCI is good stuff. I'm not sure if breaking in a .22 barrel the same way it is recommended to do a large caliber rifle makes any difference. The range is so limited with the .22 that unless you are a competitive shooter you won't notice anything. There are other good brands of ammo, but I don't have personal experience with them. Good luck.

  3. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    Avoid Remington rimfire ammo at all costs...its only good for single-action pistols & bolt-action rifles
    so you can have another go at it when they don't fire.

    CCI, Federal, Aguila, Winchester, pretty much anything other brand is better.
  4. JTJ

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    I picked up some Winchester bulk that wont chamber properly.:mad: It appears to be oversize. I could not even get it into my clean revolver. I have had nothing but bad experiences with Remington bulk. Misfires and loose bullets. No problems with CCI. Aguila and Federal seem to work well but not as good as Mini Mags.
  5. Werminator

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    I was told it is good to start with CCI Minimags or a comparable round to help the bolt and action seat and cycle as well as help the internal springs loosen up a bit to allow for more free cycling of the bolts in semis... I did this with my Remington 597 and I think it was probably a good idea as I have yet to have a single misfire or failure to feed or eject...
  6. shooter57

    shooter57 New Member

    break it in with the cheap stuff and find out if it's a turd. any .22 that has problems with cheap ammo isn't worth owning IMO..............I once said this to the owner of a gun store after returning a sig mosquito that wouldn’t cycle cheap federal bulk ammo. He defended the pistol by saying "well if you put that junk through it what do you expect".

    I replied with " If I wanted to pay $9 a box for ammo I'd buy another 9mm

    I ended up with a ruger mark3
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  7. ScottA

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    I've never had much success with Remington or Federal bulk. Winchester bulk works pretty well. CCI is by far the best in my opinion. Blazer works pretty good as well.

    Above is with my semi-auto. My revolver will eat anything.
  8. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    For sure try several brands. Some may shoot/cycle better in your particular gun than others. I to would stay away from Remington.
  9. Yaknow

    Yaknow New Member

    Sounds like Remi ain't gonna get my $ for bullets. Surprising. I've a 700 bolt, .222 & that trigger & fit & finish is pretty darned good. I just picked up a box of Federal American Eagles for $1.89. I've also Western Super X & Federal Champion. These 2 gotta be 30 yrs. old. I read once where old ammo gets "hotter" (more powerful) through time. Guess I'll see how they all do unless someone tells me not to.
  10. Hawg

    Hawg Active Member

    I've had good luck with Federal and Winchester bulk but CCI is better. Stay away from Remington like it was the plague.
  11. ninjatoth

    ninjatoth New Member

    CCI is the best-but pricey and only comes in 100 round boxes.In bulk packs,Federal is simply the best.In cheap $2- 50 round boxes-get CCI Blazer's.Like other's said,Remington is bad .22 ammo,very unconsistent powders and lots of misfires.Winchester is ok,but for certain guns it won't feed properly because either the cases are too dirty or the point is too blunt on the Winchester ammo.
  12. victorzamora

    victorzamora New Member

    I'm surprised everyone's hating on Remi bulk ammo. I've had nothing but heartbreak from Federal bulk. Both of my 22's (a Walther P22 and a Mossberg 702) eat the Remington up like candy and seem to hate everything else....besides CCI, of course. They LOVE CCI, but my wallet doesn't. With the Remington stuff, they compromise.