Ammo for CZ 452 .22 LR - Practice Shooting in the range

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  1. bf109

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    Hi, I just bought my 1st rifle - a CZ 452 Lux .22 lr with iron sights. Now I need recommendations on ammo for practice/target shooting in the range.

    Coulld you share your experience in the ammo you use with bolt action .22 rimfire? I'd like to start with economical but reliable ammo that will NOT do damage to the barrel of my CZ.

    Please list a few brand names & online retailers/stores where I can purchase.

    Thank you.:)
  2. noshow

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    Me too

    I just got my Lux in August. I've been to the range 5 or 6 times and have used 4 different ammos: CCI-SV, Fed 714(711B), Fed 510 and Aguila SE. I have not yet used any copper clad/washed bullets, just lubed lead. The gun seems to like all of them! They all shoot extremely well, or at least, better than I can. If I had to choose a winner so far, I would give it to the Aguila SE. For the $, it's hard to beat the Fed 510;)

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    Federal and Winchester Value Pack

    Hi, thanks for your postings. I saw Federal 550 rounds and Winchester Hollow Point Plated 555 rounds value packs at local Walmart for under $20 per pack. Any experience with these ammo? They're the least expensive ammo I've seen so far.

    Meanwhile, Walmart has small pack (50 round) CCI but not the 100 or 500 rounds CCI. Is CCI better than Federal or Winchester hollow point? For practice /target shooting, does it make any difference?

  5. c3shooter

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    For plinking (informal target shooting) just about any .22 LR- and none of them will hurt your rifle. Just about every .22 rifle has ammo that IT likes. When you start getting to the point that you are trying to put 5 into one hole, THEN it starts getting interesting- and you are moving into the somewhat pricy realm of MATCH .22 rf ammo.

    You might try some Federal Champion Target- pretty impressive ammo, reasonable price. If I am getting serious, then Wolf MATCH, or Nobel R-50, Lapua Master, Fiocchi Match, etc. There is always Green Tag, Eley Tenex, CCI Match, etc. However, some of my match .22 is running about $20 per box of 50. But with the right rifle and me doing my part, WILL shoot one hole groups.

    You have some good gun shops around you, and you might check out Dick Clark in Roanoke area-an indoor range called On Target- and do hit the shows.
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    Yeah. What HE said^^^

  7. Overkill0084

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    just my experiece, but I've had good luck with CCI Mini Mags & Blazers. They ain't match grade but they do well in all my .22s. I haven't had the patience yet, to do the Mega Multi-Brand test to find out what each individual gun "likes" best.
  8. FreedomFighter69

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    CCI- Mini -Mags, Target Match, Standard, Green Tag. Remington- Eley Club Extra Target Rifle, or EPS. {The Club and EPS being the better of the three!} Aquila- anything but the subsonic stuff. The 60 grain sniper subsonic stuff looks interesting but I wouldn't use it in a semi-auto rifle.
  9. Fourbits

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    Federal Bulk Pack

    Just buy the Federal bulk pack at Walmart. It will be a while before you shoot better than the ammo. After a few thousand rounds try some of the more expensive ammo and see it if improves your groups.

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    Along with the bulk fed, buy a box of the Fed Auto Match bulk box at WalMart. It is about $15 for 325 rounds. And as already mentioned, the fed 510b at $1.47 a box will probably shoot as good as anything under the fancy 10.00 plus a box. Actually, my MKII, Rem Mdl Five, Browning SA/ATD and CZ 452 all shoot the Fed Auto Match better, or just as good as I can shoot any of the rifles. My pistols all like the AM, so I generally keep a good stock of it in supply with the 510b when I am just messing around. For my Henry and 1906, I shoot a lot of the Fed or Win bulk. They don't know the difference and do just fine. I do not shoot any of the Remington trash. :) VH :eek:man:
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  11. bf109

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    Thanks for all your suggestions.

    I've stocked up 5 x 550 rounds of Federal .22 l.r. so far and am thinking of getting a pack of subsonic ammo for backyard pest control. I wonder if the usbsonic rounds are much quieter than the common 22 l.r. ammo.

    Is it quiet enough to be used in the backyard of a neighborhood? Any other ways of reducing the noise when shooting my CZ 452, in addition to choosing a good quality .22 subsonic rounds? Or, I have to get an airgun for that purpose.

    BTW, any quiet subsonic rounds you can recommend? Thank you.