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    Hi all. A friend of mine recently picked up an 1873 Winchester (Manufactured 1883) in .32-20. I know that at this time many cartridges were still being loaded with black powder. And I am assuming that modern .32-20 cartridges are loaded with smokeless powder. Are the modern cartridges safe to shoot in this old gun?
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    I would not. I am sure you want to shoot it. First make sure it is condition too shoot! You can reload with black powder or buy reloaded ammo from a reputable source. Any cowboy action website will lead you in the right direction, . That is the Single Action Shooting Society. will have the lead bullets.

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    "Are the modern cartridges safe to shoot in this old gun?"
    Chances are the answer is yes in most cases. We are not there to inspect your gun. The lead bullet modern loads are loaded way down for guns such as yours. Cowboy action loads are loaded way down. Jacketed bullet loads are most often loaded much hotter(stay away from them). Make your own decision but I can tell you from alot of experience that old guns are alot of fun to shoot.
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    Hello Blackstone,

    Grab your wallet. Head out to the nearest gun store, Cabella's, or Gander Mountain and buy all the modern Winchester or Remington 32-20 ammo you want. It is loaded with modern smokeless powder which mimics the pressure and velocity generated as the original black powder ammunition that the rifles were designed for.

    Have fun
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    Thanks for the answers guys, helped very much. We are going to have the gun inspected by a local gunsmith before we shoot it.