Ammo flying off the shelves.

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  1. TheDreadnought

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    All of this was easily foreseeable by anybody with eyes and ears in January. Here’s a list of things I haven’t had to worry about... just from paying attention and thinking about things a little. (Or having hobbies.)

    Firearms & ammo to feed them.
    Toilet paper
    Stock prices
    N95 Surgical masks

    I’m not a “prepper.” Don’t have the space for it living downtown. But I can see where things are headed and respond appropriately... just like anyone can who pays attention.
  2. OLD Ron

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    When I get shop 3 up I will have room again to stock up on things I might need ! :)
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  3. austin92

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    My dad asked if I could load some 40s&w for him, I said purchase the bullets and add 6 cents per round. He can’t find or hasn’t tried to get bullets, idk. I hope he starts stocking up now instead of being the guy that “oh I’m going to the range today, I’ll buy 100 rounds on my way there and only keeps 25 rounds of hollow points he’s never fired on hand” kinda guy. I haven’t bought anything other than 7.62x39, 5.45x39, and 7.62x25 in years.

    If I wasn’t so sure a standard small pistol primmer would light h110 I’d be worried. Haven’t seen spm primers for about a year but my gp100 won’t starve.
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  4. chuckusaret

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    Well I learned my lesson when the Obamanation was in office and I started restocking in 2017 when left office. I now have sufficient quantities to last the rest of my life based on my present training schedule.
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  5. JTJ

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    I am running H110 and small pistol primers. Works fine. I have been loading 357 lately. I have a G23 and Sub 2K with 500 fmj and 500 jhp so I am OK there. I was thinking of selling the set off but not so sure now. Also been loading 223 55 grain fmj and sp. I have plenty of 9mm on hand and lots of 22lr. A while back I picked up 9mm Blazer Black Box for 12 cents after the rebate.
    I saw an LCP2 22lr today but $350 otd with only one mag. Felt pretty good but I did not buy it. Most of the stuff in the counter was old and odd. There were some AR's on the wall but I did not check prices. the LGS is kind of out of the way and does not get the main street traffic. He was selling PSA stripped lowers for $59.
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