Ammo at Walmart today!

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by CludgieVortex, May 10, 2013.

  1. CludgieVortex

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    While grabbing groceries at my local Wally World today, I somehow found myself at the ammo department. Now as recently as this morning I had checked the Walmart app for ammo availability and it came up zero for all ammo except .410.

    Much to my shock I found that there was an ample supply of .40, 7.62, Remington 00, and even a few boxes of .223! I asked the clerk if they had just gotten a shipment of ammo and he said no.....the ammo I found had been there for days.

    If there's a moral to the story I guess it's to disregard the Walmart app and c'mon in to see for yourself!

    ......and yes.....I bought 3 boxes....the store limit.
  2. HockaLouis

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    No no no... I've been told that even though it isn't actually a real-time updated reporting system that it MUST work. And it goes SO fast that often when it says there is ammo people post "I musta just missed it 'cause dey ain't got none."

    You didn't find any ammo. Now tell the truth!


  3. beretta9988

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    The app usually works. My Walmart showed no 9mm on Wednesday morning then in stock later that night. I know they don't put it out until 7am the next day. Went the next day and picked it up guy behind me picked up the remaining 2 boxes.

    Within a few hours the app showed out of stock.

    Make sure you are looking at the right ammo on the app. I only buy the federal value pack of 9mm
    Which is easy to lookup in the app. The Winchester target ammo does not come up in app. Atleast for me anyway.