Americans Waking Up!

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    Finally people are starting to stand up for our Constitution!
    The propaganda of those who wish to violate our Constitution is starting to fail as good patriotic Americans are starting to finally wake up after being snowed by the lies and the deceiving showboating.''
    We all must do something besides just talk! We need to contact all of our Congressman and Senators. As well as talk to others about the hypocrisy that is going on.


    On Saturday, February 23rd, Americans took a stand in peaceful demonstrations around the country to say that we will not stand for an infringement on not just our Second Amendment guaranteed right to bear arms, we will not sit idly by while our other rights are under attack either. For too long, Americans were complacent. I know I was. Our freedom has quietly been under assault by government agencies and bureaucrats for years. However, the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States awoke a sleeping giant as he went into attack mode against the Constitution, and all the rights guaranteed by it as he attempted to ‘fundamentally transform America.’
    Many Americans chanted ‘Yes, We Can’ with Obama back in 2008 blinded by the soaring rhetoric and pretty campaign ads. It’s not that difficult to snow people over when you have a media in your pocket that does your bidding and covers for you. Some of us saw through the shell of a man and knew back then that his agenda was dangerous for America. It has caused division as he pits us against each other along economic, racial and gender lines. It has bankrupted us as he has spent us into oblivion. It has driven a wedge in the foundation of this country’s system of government as he continuously circumvents the Constitution and goes around it in any way possible.
    Yet, despite the freedom destroying first four years of Obama’s presidency, it took his politicization of the tragedy in Newtown, CT in which children were the predominant ones killed by a madman who happened to use a stolen gun that day to wake some people up. In using senseless violence as a mechanism to attack the 2nd Amendment, while agencies such as the Social Security Administration are buying ammunition, President Obama has rallied the very troops that he attempts to belittle, malign, and silence.
    Saturday was the Day of Resistance! In over 120 cities across this great land, Americans gathered to take a stand for freedom and for the Constitution. They have realized that if we can’t rely on those who swear to uphold and protect the Constitution to do so, then we ourselves must answer the call. We must demonstrate that we understand our rights and we will not give them up. We must demonstrate that we will not remain silent even when the media and the President distort and shame our law-abiding actions to make others believe that we are wrong.
    Back in 2008, the media and the Obama machine began their baseless allegation smear that the Tea Party Movement was both racist and violent. One of our rallying cries as we countered that libelous accusation is quite fitting for today. On not only the Day of Resistance but every day, we will together send our message loud and clear. “We are not racist. We are not violent. We are no longer silent!”

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    Was proud to be at the rally at Knob Creek, Ky! Still a little disappointed turn out was not near what it should have been! Great speakers, great people!

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    Hey we were there too! Surprised that there were so few and mostly us "older" guys.
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    Another bit of good news, the count of firearms and ammo companies saying that won't sell to LE in states that have put anti-2nd amendment laws on the books is now up to 44 and expected to climb even higher by the end of the week. We ALL need to push back against these people.
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    Those companies refusing to do business with these communist bastages is a very good start, but I would like to see the ammo makers especially refuse sale to the federal gov't agencies not just the states.
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    Was unable to get to Knob Creek so I went to my local gun store and made some purchases.
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    The problem with that is that government's army ammunition plants will just divert ammo from the military to other govt. agencies. I have two boxes of 9MM JHP ammo that is marked WCC 95 +P+. That ammo came from a Federal Law enforcement agency.
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    There is just something fundamentally wrong with any government even ours running and owning arms and ammunition factories that do business at the beck and call of that government.
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    Jon, these plants are a result of wartime needs when private companies could not provide the necessary volume.

    After the wars, the concern you raised was addressed by the army contracting out the operation of their plants to private contractors.

    I have mixed emotions about them, but I also want to know that if need be, the army can start producing massive amounts of ammo within days.
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    This sheriff gets it and he's awesome to boot. This video is well worth watching:


    Click on Fox News in the dark blue bar, will take you to the page.
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    Yes sir! I was very happy to see the turn out Saturday.