American Tactical ak 47

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    What do you know about them?
    Thanks BudW
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    I have a AT-AK47 with a stamped receiver. I bought it a few months ago.
    It has a chromed barrel. It is well put together BUT....!
    Mine WOULD NOT FUNCTION until I smoothed the top of the hammer with a Dremel!
    From what I could determine, this AK had the wrong hammer put in. The hammer had a square top which caused malfunctions (it would jam even with the first round in the mag!).
    I took a Dremel and ground the top of the hammer until it was round and smooth on top. It is now completely reliable, even with damaged ammo.
    I only paid $467 for this rifle, so I used it to learn about working with AKs.
    If your rifle does not work, send it back - in my case, the replacement of the hammer would have fixed the problem.