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    I have been receiving numerous contacts about a new USA soap program which seemed to have started at the begining of this year,It is so compelling to watch,that my contacts in Western Europe & the UK have given up their regular viewings of their favourite soaps in order to watch an unfolding program of what appears to be, Intrigues,Scams, Double dealing & the removal of free speach,better than any other soap they have ever seen before.I have tuned into this program for the last week or so,& I must admit it has held my attention,in wishing to find out how it all ends. The name of the program is " Fox News & Friends," and the way it is presented makes one wonder if this soap could actually be based on truth or not.I will continue to watch as it portrays the decline of a large nation of people who are going to find their lives completely changed in the very near future: its spellbinding, frightning, and leaves one thinking ( one.)" Thank God I don`t live there. (two.) I hope and pray the ending turns out better than what is presently shown day by day.
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    That sounds about right :(