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  1. CHLChris

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    Hey, all! Anyone read the NRA magazine American Rifleman? The other NRA magazines have the same column, The Armed Citizen.

    It is my favorite column, the first I read each month it comes. It tells about 8 stories of real people encountering potentially deadly BG's and use their guns to end the critical situation.

    The stories in which people actually fire their weapon very RARELY include the BG actually getting shot. People usually miss. And then the stories of the ones who hit, very few actually die. Every couple months, the BG is told of dying nearby (my favorite stories, if I'm honest).

    1) In critical situations, do armed citizens really have such a pitiful record of hitting the correct target?
    2) Do people who get shot really have such a large chance of living?
    3) Are gun owners who are well-trained and practice regularly really that rare?

    Anybody with knowledge of actual stats? These stories make me wonder if my own training would keep me safe.
  2. canebrake

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    Ever wonder why two LEO's can fire 82 times and the BG gets away?

    Canebrake says, "When your sphincter puckers, your aim suffers!"

    Training will save your life. NEVER discount it!

  3. dunerunner

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    Also, very difficult to hit something moving quickly from cover in an attempt to keep from attracting any lead! Throw in the shakes caused by sheer terror, especially if they are shooting back! Now let's add that it is pitch black dark and you only have a muzzle blast to shoot at.

    No, it's no wonder there are perps wounded by home owners and that they routinely miss the intended target. That's why you need to test run scenarios in your home with the lights up so you know what is down range should you ever have to fire your weapon.
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  4. AsmelEduardo

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    Chris... the thing is that most of the trained people never gets in trouble so easy... Because THEY ARE TRAINED.... trained people are more aware of the environment around them, therefore they have to use their guns less than the people that buy a gun and see them as a talisman to keep the danger away...
    And about the BG surviving the shots... yes if you don't shot a vital organ is very hard to get down the BG... again, training will lead to a successful ending, but most important training will help you to PREVENT the use of your gun, and... if you have to use it you will improve your chances.
  5. Gabob

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    There is a world of difference in shooting a paper target and shooting at a person who may be shooting back. Also conditions may be poor lighting etc, not to mention a high adrenalin load. Been there, done that
  6. CHLChris

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    I think tactical awareness of a trained citizen is definitely the key. When I am outside my home (whether I'm mowing the lawn or walking through downtown on the dark streets), my awareness is very much outside of my own bubble. I'm watching people, keeping my right hand free, walking on the best part of a sidewalk for the conditions, always aware of what might be around that corner.

    This awareness issue is probably why those stories always seem to end in a different way than I would envision my own responses in those situations.