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American Army Veteran headed from Fort Sill, OK to Des Moines, IA.

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Howdy do, reporting from Riverside, MO in a cheap motel room as I travel by automobile.

A couple days back before leaving on my road trip, I could not find one new "US Army Veteran" hat bac there in Lawton/Fort Sill, Oklahoma all day long!

Not one at the PX on post. Not one at military clothing sales on post. Not one at Carl's Military Surplus off post. Not one at Walmart. Not one at Target. Not one at Academy sporting goods. I tried the Patriot store at the mall in downtown Lawton, but the damned place was closed at 6:30 PM. The website said it wasn't supposed to shut down for the day until 7:00 PM. You must pick up the telephone to ask questions first before picking up the car keys.

I leave in my automobile tomorrow to Des Moines, Iowa to hunt for new housing under the VA HUD VASH voucher program. I might find my new hat at the VAMC gift shop there. I'm a Vet under the VA Pension for disability: fibromyalgia.

I want this hat to connect with fellow veterans and have people treat me with dignity and respect. i will have to be lodging as a guest in Des Moines, IA at some unsavory place temporarily until I can get into my new VASH apartment. I wanted to arrive in a hat like this before checking into that place. maybe I can pick one up in Des Moines or some place along the way of my car travels. I want to know who my fellow Vets are in a strange and unfamiliar town.

Cricket cap Cap Hat Baseball cap Headgear
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Welcome from
Mims, FL

It may be useful to remain incognito. The "Universe" of Retail Sales is sending you a message...
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Sorry you couldn't find the hat. Welcome from west of Lawton, Oklahoma.
Barrow Boy
First of all thank you for your Service.
There are several Vets here and a lot of Patriotic Americans. We are glad you have joined us. And have a safe trip!
I did notice that Amazon has a hat just like the one in your picture and that is a great looking hat.
But I had a suggestion for you along the way to Des Moines IA. When you get gas like at Pilot, Flying Js and others you might check them out. But also, another idea I had is to contact some of the Army/Military Surplus Stores in Des Moines I feel almost certain they would probably have hats!

@Barrow Boy - Thank you for your service and welcome from Minnesota.

Please familiarize yourself with this thread (it has good information about the site): So yer new here, huh?, and this thread (our community rules): Community Rules.
welcome to the forum Barrow Boy - more sugestions ref where to find the Vet Cap that you're looking for : 1) some shopping Malls have a kiosk set-up that creates Baseball Style Cap on order and make 'em while you wait or 2) (tho I hate to say it..) some VA Hospitals have vendors in their hallways that sell Military related items

might try one of those places - and like was posted above.....Amazon sells all sorts of "stuff"
Army Military Hat Veteran Army Cap Official Licensed Baseball Cap (One Size, Black - Army Logo) at Amazon Men’s Clothing store
Barrow Boy, welcome from Eastern Iowa. I am straight East of Des Moines and along the Mississippi River.
I see guys wearing some of those caps around here. Heard they sold them at the base PX at the Rock Island Arsenal here locally.
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Welcome sir from Ohio.
You are in good company, sir. And yes, it is okay to give any Marines you see hell because you know that we will return the favor. 😁😁😁
They sell those in the lobby at my local VA. It's not my thing and I am pretty sure if I spent 20 or 30 bucks on a baseball at my wife would beat my ***
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