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  1. Hey all,
    Later this year I'll be buying myself my first 9mm (I only have .45 1911s) but I don't want to drop thousands of dollars on it, so fancy double stack 1911s are sorta out of the question. I'd like to buy from an American company (I can live with if it not MANUFACTURED in the US), so no CZ75s. I've shot Glock 17s & 19s, XDs, Beretta M9 and some more and I wasn't amazed by any of them. Basically right now I've narrowed it down to the Baby Eagle II, S&W M&P9 and Ruger SR9.

    I'm extremely accustomed to the 1911 platform and I read that the M&P9 (the one with the thumb safety) is great for 1911 owners. I'd like to hear from you guys, some of you probably have all 3, or have further recommendations to make. What I like about these guns is that they're in the ~520 range. I really have no interest in 9mm other than shooting for cheaper and diversifying my calibers, so I'm looking for just ONE that I'll keep for good lol.

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    missed it in print, my bad.....nevermind

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    Take a look at FNP-9,fnx-9,fns-9 basically any and all of FN 9mm handguns,have heard good things about them and have owned one of their .45s. Manactured in Virginia
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    if i was going to pick a 9mm it would hands down be a springfield xdm. 19+1 capacity shoots fantastic. same grip angle as a 1911. uses a single stage trigger.

    my wife has one in 9mm and ive got one in 45 acp. her 9mm is a dream to shoot. HIGHLY recomend it
  5. RecklessRegard

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    +1 for the XDm... I have one in .40 and love it. But, they're made in Croatia.

    However, you are accustomed to the 1911. Are you against your preferred and accustomed styling and design?

    Or, on the other hand, check out the Browning Hi Power. Just one more perfect JMB design. Not sure on American made. I know that the Belgium ones aren't that bad.
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  6. Ya Hi-Powers are made at FN's plant in Belgium. But my logic is that if I'm getting a 9, I might as well take advantage of the very advantages it has over .45ACP, and that is capacity :) So I'm definitely going to take a look at the XDm.

    Thanks a lot guys, keep it coming! And XDm owners, please chime in! Sure sounds like a good pistol based on what you guys are saying.

    And RecklessRegard, when you say "Are you against your preferred and accustomed styling and design?", I assume you're talking about 9mm 1911s? I have nothing against them other than the fact that I find them overpriced (especially double stacks). I know the STI Trojan is a highly acclaimed 9mm but I'm thinking that if I'm going with 9mm, I might as well get accustomed with a new platform.
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    I see your in the ****cago area if you want to try an xdm out in 45 or 9mm im at mcmiller just about every saturday and if you bring your own factory ammo you can a few mags through the wife's xdm over at mcmiller just north of the illinoise border
  8. Thanks JonM I appreciate it. Yep I live in the city itself, that's where the job is and being from Chicago it's a love hate relationship, I could dedicate a thread to that lol. But I'm pretty sure that my local range has one, I'll check tomorrow when I go. I also go to the range every Saturdays, if I'm ever in WI on a Saturday I'll let you know :)
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    The m&p9 is an excellent firearm IMO. Mine has alway run flawless and eats whatever its fed. With the adjustable backstraps, they fit perfectly in the hand. I don't have a thumb safety on mine though
  10. JD1969

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    What range do you go to 2A?
  11. Illinois Gun Works, it's already a 45-55mins drive for me from Chicago to Elmwood Park.
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    I would recommend trying the SR9. I have an SR9C and it shoots great. It is also designed with 1911 owners in mind an has a thumb safety in a similar spot. It did not take much getting used to in my case.
  13. USMC-03

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    I'd go with the M&P
  14. fmj

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    Yep, XD's are NOT made in america...tis why i dont/wont have one.

    The ruger sr9's are sweet shooting rigs. Might also look into what Kel-tec has to offer. 100% made and manufactured in USA. I have the PF-9 (more compact than what your looking for i know)and i like it well enough.
  15. cswann1

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    nuther vote for the M&P 9.
  16. Recommendations are getting diversified, should have put up a poll maybe. One more question, being accustomed to single action, short trigger travel 1911s, which gun gets as close to that as possible?
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    None of the options you've mentioned can really compare with the 1911 trigger, but I've heard and read good things about the apex trigger kit upgrade when installed in the m&p. I've heard it's a very crisp trigger with a lot less take up. I tend to like the m&p trigger as is, but I haven't tried the apex yet.
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    Hi points are good , newer paras are now made in the us .
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    Read your original post several times--what I got is you like 1911's. Your only interest in going
    to 9mm is it's cheaper to shoot.

    So why not a 9mm 1911?? STI Spartan $600ish. STI Trojan or Springfield stainless loaded around $1000.
    RIA 9mm down around $400.
  20. silverado113

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    My vote is for the M&P9C as well, I have the thumb safety model and it feels like a scaled down version of a 1911 thumb safety.