America is alive and well

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by hillbilly68, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. hillbilly68

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    OK, to ease JD's mind and put something positive up on the forum...:D

    I can report that America is alive and well. At least for a moment last weekend. I went to the local range as I like to do on the weekends. It is run by the state natural resource department, a very nice facility. I got there a half hour after opening and just smiled to myself as I saw the packed parking lot full of trucks, jeeps and SUVs. I could hear everything from magnum rifles down to 22s firing at the covered bays as I got my weapons out. I checked in and headed to the line. When the first cease fire was called I watched as the shooters appeared behind the line and saw grandfathers with grandsons, fathers with daughters, groups of young men and single shooters that had that sense of quiet purpose about them. I saw more than once during the morning instances of "here, you want to shoot this?" I thought to myself this is what it is all about.
    So the heart is still here. Its easy to get caught up in the "going to hell in a hand basket" (sure, we do have our problems) but go into your weekend knowing that there is a lot of good too. So get out there and get after it gents, maybe I will see some of you this weekend.

  2. Dillinger

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    Awesome post brother - That's some gun range soup for the soul right there...

    I needed that going into the weekend....


  3. glockfire

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    Amen! We arent all wanna be killers collecting guns for the apocalypse, were mostly sportsmen and sportswomen who love what we do and do it safely. Its something thats been passed down from generation to generation. Its who we are and god willing who we will always be.
  4. bkt

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    Thanks, hillbilly. You're right -- America is alive and well, and it's important not to lose faith in Americans.

    There are some problems in D.C. right now, but nothing we can't overcome.
  5. azalps

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    I also think we find it easy to get caught up in this high speed life and not be satisfied with things that matter most,like life itself. Let's slow down an think about what makes us happy. America is OK
  6. painted_klown

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    Great post hillbilly68!

    It's nice to read something nice that creates a genuine and warm smile.

    Dillinger is absolutely correct in his statement that IS "some gun range soup for the soul right there..." :)
  7. right winger

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    When we get out among real people. We are able to see the truth about America. Not just the bull coming from Washington about America.:)
  8. flbandit

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    I took my daughter to the range Sat. as well.
  9. Angeleyes

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    Thank you for that Bro! I've been pretty bitter for a long time and you just made me feel like a million bucks
  10. dango

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    Thanks,I needed that.:D
  11. Northwoods

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    Thanks, hillbilly68! It's the encouragement I need to get out of the urban area (which I'm frantically working on).
  12. dfe1

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    Good post hillbilly68. In that same vein, with as many problems as we have, this is still the best country in the world in which to live. We're currently going through some trying times, but we've gone through them before, and we always seem to come out of them with very few negative changes in our way of life.

    In my mind, the biggest problem we have is apathy. When things are going well, most people don't know or care about much besides they're immediate needs and personal interests. (I'm as guilty as the next guy.) It's only when the chips are down that they get concerned, and by then it's usually to late to take intelligent, rational action to get things back on course.

    One positive aspect of the current situation is that people are expressing their opinions and engaging in conversations. We need to not only keep it up, but to become even more active. Write your Congressmen, your governor, your local and state representatives. Make your opinions known and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. If you think that your voice doesn't count, just take a look at what happened when the bailout bill was first put up for a vote. Congressmen received so much negative mail that many of them voted against it for fear of not being re-elected. All other considerations aside, you'll feel a lot better after you've made your opinions known.
  13. cbw

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    Right on Hillbilly