AMD-65 customize?

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    These rifles are all over the place for around $500. Not bad, but how are they built? I think they are made by FEG and century, although the century build might be called something different. Can you customize this gun? take the front grip off or change the goofy lookin butt stick? doesnt seem to be much out there
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    cool looking gun, sorry but i know nothing about them. Looking forward to hearing more information about them.

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    Centerfire Systems Inc.has them for $399.99.The FEG you refer to is the receiver it is built on.For a stamped receiver its one of the best. I don't know about Centerfires quality.I have a TGI build,and it works great.You can customize the crap out of them.I took the gas tube off mine and put a Ultimak M-7B rail on it.Then put a Lucid HD7 red dot on it. You can remove the wire stock and put various other stocks on it.What ever floats your boat.
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    Yes there is a lot of customizing you can do on this rifle.
    Krebs custom makes an adaptor so you can put an AR15 rear stock on it.

    Welcome to Krebs Custom - Custom Parts - Kalashnikov Rifle Parts

    In some of the pictures showing the adaptor you can see a scope rail that mounts over the dust cover it can be bought from Krebs too.

    If you are not wanting to remove the rear stock, but need a cheek riser to help when aiming try here.


    If you have the old beat up plastic grips on your AMD, and want to up grade to wood this place has US made grips.

    Cope's Distributing

    If you check around I'm sure there are a lot more custom parts for the AMD 65.
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    Customizing the AMD-65


    I purchased an AMD-65 from for $399. It is built on a Hungarian FEG receiver by importer Tennessee Guns International ("TGI"), a company which had the distinction of being raided by BATFE in 2009 :) As to the gun itself, I think the quality is generally on par with other Kalashnikov-type rifles manufactured in former Soviet republics-- meaning that it just doesn't feel as well-fitted or solid as an American or western European firearm, and the finish will leave something to be desired. It does, however, feel like it will get the job done, repeatedly.

    As to customizing the rifle, there is, of course, some difficulty associated with its non-standard gas tube and non-standard rear end, which is differs from other AK variants in order to accommodate the wire side-folding stock. This "problem" can be remedied, as 7.62Man pointed out, with the Krebs adapter, although this is a pretty pricey option ($90.00) as compared to the $30 bolt-on part from AMD65tech, if you're just looking for some minimal cheek weld.

    My recommendation as to the front of the rifle would be to install a UTG Pro AMD-65 Quad Rail system, available for $67 on I have installed this quad rail setup on my AMD-65, and it fit well with no issues. Another option is the ACR2-SC Modular Rail Forend from Ultimak. This setup, however, is only three rails, so if you wanted to top-mount an optic, you'd have to purchase their separate M7-B optic mount for $98, bringing the total price of your rail system to just under that of the weapon itself.

    With respect to grips, I've mounted a Tapco SAW-style PG ($18 on Amazon) to the *** end of my AMD-65. The screw/release button for the wire sidefolder, however, interferes with the tang on the grip, so I had to cut down the tang using a small hacksaw. I've ordered a Hogue rubber PG because I don't like the hand-feel of the Tapco's hard plastic, but I haven't yet received the Hogue, so I can't comment on its quality or fit. Up front, I mounted a UTG foregrip with slots for pressure switches for my light and laser, but once you have the rails on the weapon, you can obviously mount pretty much any foregrip you want.

    For magazines, you can't go wrong with the 30rd Thermold available for $7.67 from I have read several reviews of the AMD-65 which complain about a significant degree of magazine wobble. The Tapco 20 rd. mag that came with the gun does wobble a good bit, but the much cheaper Thermolds lock in tightly. I have no experience with surplus eastern European metal magazines, so I can't comment there.

    My final customization will be having the gun refinished with Cerakote-- as stated above, the finish feels a little iffy, so I'd like to recoat the firearm to protect against any corrosion problems. With all the tacticool accessories described above, I'm sure you've deduced that this AMD-65 is more of a toy than a utilitarian piece-- so (obviously) I'm going to have the paint done in digital urban camo :)

    Hope this helps with your purchasing decision(s) and please feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions/comments/concerns, I'll do my best to help out a fellow appreciator of the AMD!