Amazing accidental discovery at the range today!

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    This is 34 rounds fired from 7 yards, “rapid fire.” I’d say around 3 rounds/second. Shooting at the “3” on the target.

    What makes this interesting is the fact that the first 17 and the last 17 were fired from different pistols.

    The first 17 were fired from a polymer, striker-fired pistol from a large reputable manufacturer. Not going to trash talk it, it’s a decent pistol. Until recently it was my favorite pistol I owned of the type.

    That pistol produced the majority of the shotgun-like pattern on the target. I can cover almost all this pattern with my hand if that helps with scale at all.

    The second magazine was fired from my Beretta APX and produced the large ragged hole.

    The same ammo was used for both. Both pistols are quality, accurate pistols. The ergonomics of the Beretta just make that much of a difference in my shooting.

    Ironically, I wasn’t shooting the two to compare how accurate I was with them. I was actually testing Recoil management. I just noticed the difference when I checked the target after each pistol.

    If you want a polymer, striker fired 9mm pistol, you really owe it to yourself to try a Beretta APX.

    Anyway. Just thought I’d share my surprise discovery from the range today. It just confirms something I “knew” before.... but the black and white results on paper just caught me off guard.
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    The Beretta probably fits your hand better, the trigger is more to your liking & the sights probably fit your eyes better. I've experienced similar results with different guns & they are interesting.
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    That is an example of of why it is important to find a gun that fits you.
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