Am I the Only One?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by cottontop, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Who likes the more obscure cartridge calibers? Being a handloader, I am not concerned about having to buy only factory loaded ammo or with "being somewhere on a hunting trip and realizing that I forgot my ammo and the only store in 100 miles is a Mom and Pop operation that doesn't carry my caliber." Using that argument against owning a particular cartridge is irresponsible. Something as important as ammo should be checked and double checked before leaving. My choices are not really all that uncommon, but they are not nearly as popular as what most people shoot. Here are my choices of some that I own and shoot:
    .222 instead of .223
    .225 Win. instead of .22-250
    .244 Rem. instead of .243
    6.5x55 instead of .260 (or .270)
    7x57 instead of 7mm/08 (or .270)
    8x57 instead of .30-06
    .35 Remington instead of .30-30
    I just like being a little different.
  2. That's part of the fun of owning guns. I like the 6mm (.244 Remington) better than the .243 because it's slightly longer, is easy to neck resize, and has better ballistics than the .243. I also shoot a 30-338 instead of a 7mm or .300 Winchester.

  3. JonM

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    i like uncommon cartridges to a certain extent. my favorite being the 458 winmag. last time i saw a box of 20 they were selling for 185$ at cabelas...

    i also shoot 460 rowland but i like sticking to bullet diameters i can find
  4. HockaLouis

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    None of those do I prefer ('cept 7mm Mauser) OVER the ones u compare them to. More common is better, and was probably better, which is why they are more common
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    I agree completely!

    6.5x55 - .270
    8x57- .30-06
    9.3x57- .35 Whelen
    7.5x55- .308

    Still want a 9.3x62 and .416 Rigby.
  6. TLuker

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    No you are not the only one. There are a lot of almost obsolete calibers out there that I love. I think my appreciation for those calibers comes from an appreciation of history? 7x57 was invented well over 100 years ago. It set the standard for all of the modern metallic cartridges, and in all that time no one has really come up with anything better. It can hold it's own against any modern caliber.

    The .303 British was initially designed for black powder, and it still drops deer in their tracks.

    Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't believe in change just for the sake of change. I also believe in honoring achievement. Those calibers were were an achievement. I have no problem with change, but only for something better. I still haven't seen anything better than a lot of those old calibers.

    My personal favorites:

    .303 British
    .257 Roberts
    .300 Savage
    30-06 (it's still popular but it has also been around 106 years)
    .30 WCF

    And I'm reloading as well so that takes care of finding ammo. The only problem now is finding a rifle in good shape for some of those calibers.:(
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    Depends on what you mean by "better." You seriously believe that more common is better? Is a Chevrolet better than a Jaguar? It definitely is more common. The reason that some rifle calibers are more common than others is because of ingenious marketing techniques used by the gun and cartridge makers. Also, gun writers did a lot to make some cartridges very popular. Where would the .270 be today if not for Jack O'Conner? Personal preference is a peculiar thing. Some guys prefer blondes and some brunettes. In reality one is not necessarily better than the other. So it is with rifle cartridges.
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    That is one of the great things about being a reloader, that is being able collect & shoot those obscure cartridge/calibers, that`s the fun in it................
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  10. huffmanite

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    some of the cartridges I enjoy shooting on a regular basis.
    6mm Remington aka 244
    257 Roberts
    6.5x257 Roberts
    300 Savage (one of these days I'll get/make a 250 Savage)
  11. opaww

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    I liked my .222 and would still have it if some crack head cockroach had not stolen it
  12. Trez

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    Weird calibers I shoot:
    6.5x50 Jap
    7.7x58 Jap
    .30 US

    I wont even get into what I have for the Medusa.... ;)
  13. me762

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    I shoot a lot of the norm but I do reload so I can have everything I want. I really do want a 6.5x55 and I want it over a 260 for the sheer reason of case capacity. A 6.5x55 will do anything a 260 will and then some( like 308 and 30-06) if it has a strong action to back it up. You might have noticed I said "STRONG" action not new or modern. I'm going to get a Mauser action and barrel it for 6.5x55 and have fun.
  14. HockaLouis

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    We bow to your indisputeable logic, using luxury cars in an analogy of obsolete cartridges. But maybe you should have compared the Edsel to the Camaro.
  15. locutus

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    I like the old timers to. I'm also a handloader and bullet caster.

    I really like the .38-55,
    .50-90 Sharps,
    .32 S&W
    .25-35 WCF

    But 90 percent of my shooting, reloading and stockpiling is .223 and 9mm.

    If the SHTF, that's what will be universally available. (battlefield pick up?:p)
  16. Donn

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    .38 Super, my personal favorite pistol cartridge.
    .30 USA/30-40 Krag for my Springfield model 1898.
  17. TNBlackSheep

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    I'm not a reloader, but my deer rifle is a 6.5x55. Great ballistics, love that gun. I've never shot one that didn't go down after one shot. It's definitely a product of whim...very popular in Scandinavia for hunting big game, but just has never caught on in North America for some mysterious reason.
  18. Rick1967

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    I handload for 7-30 Waters, 8x57, 7.62x54r. I am also set up to load for 38 S&W blackpowder cartridges. I dont have one right now. But I am always looking for something nice I dont currently have. Reloading makes it a lot easier to buy the old stuff.
  19. Axxe55

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    i too like shooting the obsolete and obscure calibers. they are just plain fun and some have very interesting history behind them.

    one caliber i had been searching for about ten years now that my father had mentioned me, i finally found several months ago, an older Ruger M77V in 280 Remington. the rifle was made in 1978 and when i saw it, i knew it was going home with me! it is apure pleasure to shoot and very, very accurate!
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    One flaw in your statement: the cartridges I listed are NOT "obsolete," just not as common as the others. In fact, you can buy all of them, still factory loaded, in most gun shops, and some of them can even be found in some of the "marts."
    The Edsel was a great car, just not marketed properly. The Camaro stayed around. Was the Edsel better? Maybe, depending on what your definition of "better" is.