am I in the dark

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by michael80, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. michael80

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    Am i missing out on something huge I keep a few hundred of each round on hand like the rest of you. Did every one just decide that the world did not end in Dec. So we can stock up on ammo and not be a prepper no-one in my group of friends is stock piling ammo we go and shoot a few hundred rounds when we feel like it we don't save it we shoot it. I went to pick up a few hundred rounds this evening so I didn't get any. When will the non-shooters stop buying up the stock.
  2. jjfuller1

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    when obama is out of office? i admit im one of the stock pilers. i buy thousands of rounds at a time... mostly because i shoot thousands of rounds a year and dont want to rush to the store to buy more when i could be shooting.

  3. shadecorp

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    Years ago I bought some ammo everytime I went to the store.
    Bought ammo in calibers I didn't own or shoot.
    The prices were right.
    Now I have a good selection of ammo.
    Maybe someday a Son or a friend will need something I have.

  4. DrumJunkie

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    This kind of stuff has happened before. There is really no reason to be surprised it did again. I'm just wondering if soeone is going ot stop the imported ammo again like in 09.