Am I having buyers remorse?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by timmis1127, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. timmis1127

    timmis1127 New Member

    Hello All,

    This is my first post with you fine people and am glad to be here!

    Yesterday I purchased a Kimber Ultra+ CDP II from my local gun shop. I shot great with the pistol, looks awesome and is all around a good gun to me. When I got home I went on gun (which I knew I shouldn't have) but I found the same gun but with a laser for around the same price. Now I am having some buyers remorse. I feel like a laser cripples a shooter because they begin to depend on it but it is also nice to have.

    What do you guys think?

    Do you guys think a laser is necessary?

    Should I beat myself up about the laser or enjoy the pistol?

    Thank you in advanced.
  2. txpossum

    txpossum New Member

    Laser, not necessary -- in fact, what happens if you get dependent on it, and at a critical moment it doesn't work.

    Just my opinion.

  3. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Enjoy the pistol and borrow a laser to try out. Strangely, everybody I know who owns a laser wants me to get one, and about half of them seem willing to let me borrow theirs to try out.

    If they are soooooo great, how are all these people willing to come off theirs to let me test drive it?
  4. timmis1127

    timmis1127 New Member

    I could buy a Crimson laser grip they retail for about $400 which I think is outrageous! I have a Sig P220 Platinum Elite with a Lasermax laser which is in the rod, it is nice to have it on there but at times I feel I am dependent on it.
  5. Gatoragn

    Gatoragn Active Member

    You also have to factor in shipping and FFL fees when comparing local prices to Gunbroker.
  6. timmis1127

    timmis1127 New Member

    Its not so much the price I am concerned about, its more of the fact I could get more for the same thing, if that makes any sense :confused:
  7. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    No matter what you buy , or what kind of deal you get, you can ALWAYS find a better deal right afterwards .
    It's a fact of life :D
  8. gr8oldguy

    gr8oldguy New Member

    Enjoy your great new gun, don't worry about something you don't need.
  9. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    my opinion on lasers is they make you slow. you spend time looking for a dot on a target instead of using proper shooting techniques.

    lasers wont make you automagically figure out trigger control. cant hit with open sights your not going to do any better with a laser.

    they are gimmicks at best
  10. timmis1127

    timmis1127 New Member

    You're right!

    Because when I am shooting with my Sig that has a laser I spend more time focusing on where the dot is then focusing on my sights.

    Thanks for the advice. :D
  11. GTX63

    GTX63 New Member

    I don't use lasers. Don't think I'll ever need one. Once I buy a gun, I hold it, appreciate it, marvel at it for awhile. Then I hang it on the wall and start planning for the next one. If I'm happy with it, it was worth what I paid for it.
  12. blackxpress

    blackxpress Member

    I wouldn't have a laser on one of my guns, though I am a big believer in night sights. Never mind what you saw on Gunbroker. Enjoy your Kimber. They're great guns.
  13. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Let me get this straight.

    You bought a gun. As you walked out of the LGS you had a smile (important part of a good deal).

    You shoot good with it and had more smiles.

    Then you found out that you could have had a laser for about the same price? (Now you're frowning).

    Think back that if we did not have the internet and you were not offered a chance to compare your purchase to what is on the internet.
    (Does that get you a little of "Yeah, if there was not an internet, I would be pleased with my purchase!" smile?)

    So be pleased with what you did. And grin like a well fed possum.
  14. Mouser

    Mouser Active Member

    some people, like me, suffer from pre-decision making stress syndrome....that is I sweat the deal before I make the purchase, but once I do...I am free and I don't care what I run in to later as it never bothers me.

    Others, sounds like you, suffer from post-decision making stress syndrome...that is you are spontaneous and then worry later if you did the right thing. Unfortunately that is more about you than the gun. It is easy for me to say don't worry about it... so don't worry about it. All things have a value range and at the time you made your decision, the trade of dollars for gun made sense from a value standpoint. You did good and enjoy your weapon as it will last your lifetime and there are not many things you will buy that you can say that about....makes your decision look really smart! ;)
  15. donthav1

    donthav1 Active Member

    lasers are useless outdoors, which is where I do all my shooting. at anything more than a few yards you can't see the dot anymore &, like others have said, you spend more time trying to find the dot than it would take to aim & shoot.

    I had one on one of my handguns & took it off & sold it, no use for it.
  16. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    You've got the money for a Kimber, you've got enough for your own laser.
  17. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    Id say no, the pistol you bought was brand new, a virgin, and the pistol online has probably been passed around. Lasers aren't really all that cool. You can't see them in daylight, stressed about when those little batteries are going to due, with the laser your limited to which grips you can put on. When I get tired of looking at a 1911 I change the grips and it's like getting a new one. I got my laser for free and I didn't even want it after awhile. With the laser you have to but forward pressure with your trigger squeezing hand and I was taught not to so it threw me off.

    Bottom line you did good and have a fine looking pistol now, just Careful with those idiot marks!
  18. WillWork4Ammo

    WillWork4Ammo New Member

    I will probably never use the built in laser on my S&W BG .380 and that is fine.I see it as more of a novelty than anything else.I'm not really a fan of putting flashlights,lasers,bayonets,etc on handguns.
    Don't worry about it.Enjoy your Kimber.:)
  19. GrabberGT

    GrabberGT New Member

    Lasers are for night time. Too distracting for me at the range. Use the sights.
  20. boatme98

    boatme98 New Member

    What. Are you satisfied with your gun? That's the question.
    You've purchased a fine weapon, don't second guess yourself about the purchase over accessories or you'll never be happy.

    If you feel the need, you can add a laser to your next one. There's always a next one. ;)