Alternative ammo for a shotgun- wooden/ metal/ pvc hauls

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    Is it possible to make a shot gun shell out of a very dense wood given that it is dried, and the maker is fairly good with a lathe and have a copper ring/ cap on the back? Maybe out of pluming pipes, copper/ pvc, if you were to obtain a tube that was the right outside diameter, would it be possible. Just asking in case "big brother" decides that we shouldn't have any more ammo.

    Hunter S.
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  2. c3shooter

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    No. That is the short version. Long version- shell expands against walls of the chamber briefly on firing, then retracts slightly to extract. They have been made of paper, brass, aluminum, and plastic. I even have a couple of ALL plastic shells in my collection. But it has to be the RIGHT plastic- PVC will not have the malleability, nor would wood. But metal, yes.