Almost Perfect 5 shot, 50 yd group, .026"

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    I woke up today and it was the first nice day we have had in weeks, high 30's, sunshine and almost zero wind.

    I took my Savage BRJ over to Savagegunsmithing to shoot as Scott has a 50 yard range.
    I had just put one of the flat forend adapters on the forend of my rifle and wanted to try it out.
    I shot free, just pinching the trigger guard and trigger.
    I had one box of Wolf MT left over from an old lot. The bore was clean so I shot 15 rounds to season the bore. I only had 20 rounds in that box and could see the groups coming togather, tighter with each 5 shot group.
    Scott and a friend had come out of the shop to see how the rifle was shooting.
    I carefully aimed each shot, the first two went in the same hole, I shot the third, same hole, same with the 4th. By this time I was nervous as a bride, Scott looked at me and said, think small.
    I carefully aimed and let the shot go, same hole.

    We all went up an looked, none of us could believe the target when we went up close.
    We took it inside and measured it, .222" from the edge of the grease mark to the hole on the other side, 5 shots @ 50 yards. Scott called a couple of friends over to see the target.
    The BRJ was one of the guns Scott accurized for me. I have never seen or shot a perfect group, I was elated. The black mark at the top right hand side of the group is a dot I marked with a marker. it gives me an exact aim point.

    The box of 20 was the last of the lot # I had. I went out and shot another target, shot 18 25X. The wind had picked up slightly, but I was pretty happy with that target. had I taken a little more time and not had two flat bags under my main bag, I know I could have done better. It was a pain with 3 bags stacked so I could hit the target.

    Later I went out and fired a couple more targets, by now the wind had picked up.

    I don't know if I can eve do it again, but you can bet the next windless day, I'll be out trying. I don't think I have any more of the lot of ammo, Wolf MT left to shoot. Sure wish I did, because the rifle sure liked it.

    The forend piece, sold by Sinclair really helped hold the rifle steady.
    The gun shot a best of .4" prior to being accurized. I have the 1/8" bottom metal and have found the gun shoots best with the action only snugged down, maybe 8 inch pounds. The scope is a Millet 4 X 16 X 56 AO.
    It may have been luck, but I still can't get the smile off my face.
    here are some pictures. I have shot a bunch groups in the low .1" range before, with my best being .117". With the long winters, I have had very little practice time. Days without much wind are rare, but you can bet I'll be doing a lot of shooting this summer. I'd love to get good enough to compete with the Savage that Scott accurized for me, but my wind doping skills still need some work.

    The .026 is not correct, someone measured it off the computer with one of the programs and took the aiming dot that I put on the target into the equasion, it actually measures .222 across, which means it's perfect, that's measuring from the outside of the grease mark on the left to the hole on the right which is clean, no real mark. These Savage's are real shooters. My gun shot a best of .4" prior to being accurized, so they really do respond to the right kind of modification.

    My Best, John K




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    Damn nice shooting and a very sweet looking rifle, congrats ;)

  3. rifleman55

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    Thanks, it was just one of those perfect days. Becase of the ad winters, this was only the 2nd time I've been able to get any real trigger time since Oct last year.

    John K
  4. c3shooter

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    That is SWEET! Some days, it just comes together!

    My older Mossy's like the Wolf MT also. Have you tried any of the Nobel R-50?
  5. Txhillbilly

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    Great shooting. Somedays everything just lines up for you.
    Good looking rifle also.
  6. masterPsmith

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    Great post John and a very nice rifle. I still get lucky some days when everything comes together, just not often enough.

  7. rifleman55

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    Those days do not come often enough, but I shoot this rifle in the .1" range pretty regular and it gets under .1" from time to time (not me, scott). It's a very good shooting rifle. I'm not a comp class shooter either.
    I know your a gunsmith. The smith who worked on this one, Scott Null is a true Mastergunsmith and does fantastic work. As a retired smith myself, I have seen a lot of great smiths, but Scott blows me away. he's really good.
    I think people can look forward to even better shooting Savage rifles in the future.
    Scott has been having weekly confrences with the CEO, engineers and production people at Savage for a few months now, and these guys listen, they really do want to be the best mass producer of rifles out there.
    They are woorking on improving barrel quality, which was the one main area that needed the most work.

    I just bought some nice old Mossberg 44's. I've got to get some good glass on them and see how they will shoot. My eyes are not what they used to be, so I'm going to really have to work on my Peep shooting, for now, if I want decent groups, I use glass. I need to buy a T-36 sometime soon. I've used one more than once and can really see the target far better than with what I'm using now.

    My Best, John K
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    Nice shooter, damn good grouping. Gotta love those windless days.
  9. CA357

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    Very nice shooting, congratulations. :cool:
  10. fireguy

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    That is a great group! Good shooting. Now you have that to live up to every time you grab that rifle, the pressure in on.
  11. rifleman55

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    No, I think most people I know, know there was some luck, some skill and a very good rifle.
    I'll try my best to do it again and again if I'm that lucky, but anything at .1" or a little under puts a smile on my face.

    It's just great to be able to say I've done it once, two or more times would be icing on the cake, don't think I won't try, but we will see. It was a perfect day, far and few in between where I live.

    It's nice to know I have a rfle that can do it. Quite a testiment to Scott @ Savagegunsmithing, he's one heck of a smith.

    John K
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    Great shooting & great rifle.
  13. Boyerracing343

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    Awesome shooting. I dig the stock.