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Almost finished

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I have been waiting in my LPK to complete this build . My brother wanted an Ar so I built this one mostly from parts I had laying around . The barrel is a DPMS 11.5 with a 5 in fixed FS it's a 1 by 9 twist . The upper reciever is a DPMS fixed handle with a FMK poly lower yep she's a poly. It was tan so I blasted it with my baking soda blaster and painted it . I painted the inscriptions in red fingernail polish and M7 glued a Nosler image on the side I then clear coated it with wife's clear fingernail polish to help toughen it up . The bolt carrier group came form Gun broker and a low powerd barask scope to top it off. If he doesn't like the Nosler thing I can fix it I kinda like it ,different for sure

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It's nice to be able to piece together a Frankenstein from parts you already have but I think your brother shouldn't have settled on the "Abby Normal" brain. I shudder over the thought of an 11.5" barrel with a pinned 5.5" muzzle device. I know it was common during the Clinton AWB but today he really should be looking at a proper 16" barrel or SBR that thing.

Kinda reminds me of years ago (late 80's) when my boss wanted a new PC in his office and I was doing a test run building/rebuilding a few computers around the department. He was hesitant about it but I swore I'd build him something better than an IBM for 1/2 the cost. I did but had so many parts left over from other rebuilds I also put together the worst, slowest thing that still would actually run and set it up on his desk early one morning. Then waited until he stormed into my office. Once he realized it was a joke he got a kick out of pulling it over and over on other supervisors. And he loved his new "build", it was as good as a high end IBM. Anyway, not knocking your build except think he should look a better barrels.
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Yea I took this barrel off of my DPMS just bacause of that . I replaced it with a Wilson 1 to 7 heavy hitter ,but believe it or not that 11.5 would shoot sub MOA with h335 and 50 g noslers . He wasnt wanting to spend very much so I was able to get it to him for about 500 bucks yea he's my brother but we all for to pay the piper !'lol
Has he looked into the velocity loss of an 11" barrel? And what gas length is it, carbine or pistol length?
No he really doesn't care about the tech parts like we do he just wants an Ar . Like I said it was either throw the barrel away or use it and it only had a couple hundred rounds they it.. It's a carbine length gas system and since it will shoot a 1 MOA the velocity loss isn't that big of a deal. He's good to go out Io a 100 yd for sure. I wouldn't want to be shot with it! Lol
probably see a loss of about 400 + or - , but your right its still going to be cooking right along . I have a 7" setup and a 11.5" setup both SBRs , Both great shooters and 6" plates at 100 yards is no problem . I would take a look at Joe bobs 16" barrels for $149 that might help him out and Im sure you could sell that 11.5" barrel for at least that to one of the NFA guys out there
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