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Hey guys, I just wnated to let you all know a little bit about myself since I'm new here.

I'm a US Marine serving in the reserves. I studied music in college and got a BA in Vocal Performance. My hobbies are restoring cars, I've done 3 Triumph Spitfires, I'm currently doing a 67 Mustang Fastback(started when I was 14, 26 now) been working on a high school/college budget until recently and now I'm engaged so my budget hasn't increased much! I've had 2 early Broncos, a 73 and 75. I work for a guy,, doing high end, custom restorations on early Broncos on Saturday's(when I'm not serving as a Marine).
I go to the local pistol range at least once a week where I shoot my latest purchase, Springfield Armory XD in 45 ACP. I've been borrowing my dad's Ruger single six lately because a box of 22LR is a heck of a lot cheaper! I enjoy shooting long range(300yd +) with a rifle when I get a chance as well as shooting skeet of various types. I also hunt deer, turkey and once in a while some small game.
Currently I own 5 firearms. My first I bought when I was 13 is a Winchester 1300 Turkey 12 ga, which I love! I've also got a mid 60's Stoeger Uplander 16 ga SxS and an H & R .410 single shot. I've also got a Mossberg 100 ATR in .30-06 with a Nikon ProStaff 3x9x40 scope. The only pistol I have currently is the XD 45 mentioned above.
I'm glad to be here. I hope I can learn some stuff from you guys and maybe even throw a good idea in here from time to time!

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Welcome to the board and thanks for your service in the Marine Reserves! :)

I've got a buddy stationed in Tinker AFB who just went overseas. Never got a chance to shoot with him though, so hopefully he'll be up for it when he gets back.
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