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    Something I wanted people to think about is training in different kinds of weather and stress levels. Not every day can be sunny, and calm sky’s so I believe it is very important to shoot in different kinds of weather and environments such as rain, snow, , and dark. Also wanted to wanted to talk about shooting under stress, and some of the effects on the body and how maybe you can re create these in a safe atmosphere to practice.

    Now I know for military, law enforcement, and even some armed security (aka mall ninja’s) work in all weathers and environments so being able to shoot in them is a must. Well even if your just a plain ccw holder and carry for protection its just as important.

    Rain can effect vision, hearing, smell, grip on your hand gun because hands are wet and slippery, your clothes or jacket could be wet and kind of heavy or you could be holding a umbrella. So taking some time learning to draw and shoot your weapon while it is raining would be a plus and easy to recreate just go to the range when its raining.

    Snow can also effect your vision if its snowing, also it might be slippery on the ground, grip on the firearm, Are you wearing a big winter jacket, gloves. How you dress can be a big factor how you hold that gun or access that gun you have to train with winter gear to have some profincy.

    Night shooting. Easy way to practice night shooting that I was taught was use some dark sun glasses. Also if you can go shoot while its dark can help too.

    Stress is a big factor in miss shots in a shooting situation now you cant train for every situation you can train with your heart rate elevated enough to know what a small amount of what your body goes thorough when the chips are down. I have heard of plenty of situations and my own experiences that hearing goes out the door, you feel like every action takes a life time. But in reality its over in a few seconds. So when your practicing a couple of things you might try is get the heart rate up do some running, jumping jacks something to elevate the heart. Then draw and shoot. That’s why competition shootings great.

    Well that’s just some stuff I had on my mind and some of the stuff I train for to make sure I have a good base of the shtf. Good luck and have fun.

    Just saying
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    You are exactly correct! Other things to consider is the ability to draw a pistol when wearing a light jacket and also a heavy winter jacket.
    Another issue long guns do not mount in the shoulder the same way they do in the summer when you have a light shirt on. In the winter with a heavy jacket the rifle or shogun mounts totally different. And will move your sights trigger and everything farther forward away from you. If you have a scope with a set for a specific eye relief it certainly can be effected. Not to mention your fingers getting cold and having no feeling regarding trigger pull. All good points you have mentioned and the training is important when it comes to self defense or even hunting for that matter!

    It doesn't take much to prove to yourself what we are speaking of. Mount your favorite shotgun into your shoulder with a T-Shirt on. Then put on a thick winter coat! Put your CCW on and get it out from the heavy coat that is zipped up!
    You be the judge!


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    ya I agree, I go shooting all year around (I don't call it training, it sounds more fun this way). When I go hunting it isn't going to be all nice in warm everyday 90% of the weather is crap during deer season. Same with CnC you never know when your going to need to use it, there are a million variables that can change at any moment.
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    unfortunately my outdoor range doesnt allow anything but paper targets which dont hang well in the rain :( but i shoot every weekend outdoors when the range is open. unfortunately last weekend and this are both hellidays so no rifle shooting till next weekend :(

    tommorrow its indoor 22's
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    Fatman everything your saying is exactly right! The only range near me is a state run range and they only allow stationary shooting on paper targets. But the really goid part about pa weather is nobody wants to shoot in the winter when its freezeing and snowing and like wise to our heavy rain! I love to get out there when the weather is bad becuase i have the range to myself and am free to 'bend' the rules a little if apsolutely nobody is there.
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    I take one shot every day so I know what to expect in all conditions.
    I'll run up my hill then take the shot/shots without rest... mostly because walking takes too long.
    Here is my latest extreme weather shot... one shot that day.
    [ame=""]Win94 30-30, High Wind, Rain, 350 Yards[/ame]