All kinds of stories about cops that have lost their way, then you have this...

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  1. DrumJunkie

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    I didn't see this posted anywehere and thought it be a pretty cool thing to share.:)
  2. John_Deer

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    Police officers as a group have always done all they can for any worthy charity. Especially when the charity makes a huge impact in the areas the officers serve. While the officer putting a hundred dollar bill in a ticket is a new form of giving. The officer in NY that bought boots and socks for the homeless man gave just as much.

    While these individual acts draw all the attention. Police departments as a whole raise millions each and every year. No one can measure the impact officers have on youth that goes undocumented. Two of the biggest influences in my childhood were a game warden and a justice of the peace.

  3. Jpyle

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    Being a LEO has got to be one of the most thankless jobs out a thousand good deeds and nothing gets noticed, bitch slap one mouthy punk and it goes viral on youtube. Nice to see some good PR for the guys and gals in blue.
  4. jjfuller1

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    thats sweet. if more tickets were like that we would have way to many speeders!
  5. Mosin

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    Most of the problems (in my opinion) aren't the police but in today's pansy, sheep mentality of society.
    No one handles their own problems anymore, they call the cops. I had the cops called on me for shooting in my yard which I'm allowed to do. I told the cop to tell whomever complained, that they could ask me themselves next time and I would gladly stop.
    Fist fight in grade school? Call the cops.
    See a gun (oh no!!!!) call the cops.
    McDonald's runs out if nuggets.. Call the cops.

    Not to mention the myriad of stupid senseless laws passed by morons who can't think for themselves. It puts the cops in everybody's business.

    They're no longer peace officers, but law enforcement.
  6. CJohn364

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    I thought it was cool. I read about it on my other firearms forum.
  7. texaswoodworker

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    Yeah, people call the cops way too much. It's complete BS, and I'm pretty sure the officers get fed up with it too.
  8. nitestalker

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    Is the fault of the citizens the cops are called? It seems we are training Americans to do nothing for themselves. They are trained to not defend themselves in any way call the government. The police are the armed enforcement of the rules.