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  1. wbaker

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    First of all I'm a family man with four kids and a late starter on getting some firearms. What I find funny is I save up buy a pistol that I can afford or think is a nice pistol. Just to read in blogs later on that what i bought ain't worth throwing under a bus. Well I'm at least proud to have something I can call mine. I am new to this site and like it very much cause now when I get ready to buy another pistol I can get some info on them. Ok now for the laugh factor here is what i have thus far.
    9mm star model super b
    357 rosi model 971
    45/410 3" with 3" chamber Taurus judge.

    That is it for now
  2. Wynn

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    Good for you to buy some defensive firarms. As long as they go *bang* when they need to, who cares what name is stamped on the side. I wouldnt mind owning the Rossi. The Judge seems to have had a great marketing team, but again if it works it works. Its all about owning what meets your needs.

  3. trip286

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    The .357 rossi is a good gun, I used to have one myself, best factory grips by far in my opinion. The only reason I sold it is because I needed the money more than the gun. I regret letting it go.

    I can't say anything about the other two though, I don't know anything about them.
  4. tomingreeneco

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    Check out local gun shows. You can often get great deals at them. Also local gun shops can sometimes have good deals and they often have a limited warranty. You may have to wait awhile to find the right gun. Some of my favorites I purchased used.
  5. c3shooter

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    Well, I would not throw any of those 3 under the bus. The Star 9mm was an interesting pistol, quality of Rossi is 100 times better than it was in the 70s, and the Judge is holding it's own.

    Some folks become name brand snobs. Mossberg made inexpensive bolt action rifles and shotguns for ages- and the things are still shooting QUITE well 70 years later. Iver Johnson made inexpensive handguns- just got a new reference book on them in today's mail- it notes that they made more than THREE MILLION of one model revolver.

    You, sirrah, have a house full of young'uns- and there are things you need to buy for your family. You are going to spend time eating beans and wieners instead of lobster (thank GOD for Kraft macaroni & cheese!) because Timmy needs shoes, Lisa wants to go to Computer Camp, and Sheldon is gonna hafta have braces. Welcome to reality!

    But when the time comes that you ARE gonna go shopping, by all means, give us a shout. And not everybody likes- or can afford- a Lexus (or a Glock) - but a real nice Kia (Kahr) might be what you are shopping for.

    Don't be a stranger now.....
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  6. wbaker

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    LOL thanks well I sure like these pistols every one of them shot very nice and that star is a lot better than most people give credit for I've taken it to the range 4 times and not one failure using stock rounds.
  7. levelcross

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    But when the time comes that you ARE gonna go shopping, by all means, give us a shout. And not everybody likes- or can afford- a Lexus (or a Glock) - but a real nice Kia (Kahr) might be what you are shopping for.

    Well said C3.
  8. donthav1

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    researching guns online is worse than researching cars online, no matter what gun you're asking about, someone will tell you it's a piece of sh*t. and trust me i know first hand, i own a hi-point :D

    nothing wrong with the 3 you have listed, at some point i've been interested in buying all 3 of them. i don't own & haven't fired any of the weapons you own & for that reason will not say anything good or bad about them, although i almost bought a Star model B a few years ago at a local gun shop. but for another $50 i could have the FB Radom VIS 35 right next to it. only because of it's collector value now, i'm sooooo glad i bought the Radom
  9. unclebear

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    there are few guns that are 100% crap, I thought hi-points where crap till I started shooting one now I would carry one and not worry about it. Just because a gun is low in cost does not mean it's crap granted they may not be combat quality but most are still fun to shoot and good for something. Like Rossi they will never issue a single shot rossi as a sniper rifle but for taking deer it's great.

    That being said I love the judge always fun to shoot!
  10. Gunslinger82

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    All that matters is if you like them or not. Thats why theres chocolate and vanilla people have different taste.
  11. utf59

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    What matters is that they work and they make you happy (which means they work).

    I know you didn't mention being in the market for another gun yet, but I'm going to go ahead and suggest getting something in .22. There's nothing better for a shooter on a budget than a .22.