Alg Act vs Spikes BT

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    I did a search first I swear... Going to order piece number two on Monday (already have stripped lower, Noveske, good deal). I think the PSA kit with the ACT trigger for under a hundred looks like the best deal. Is there any reason to go with the Spikes enhanced instead? Just looking for a quality upgrade with some upgrades but not too fancy. On another note, for the price of the Spikes enhanced I could just about get the PSA with a geissele SSA. I would almost do it but I don't want to be the guy at the range with the coolest gun who can't hit a barn :-\
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    Nice had the pleasure of pulling a sikes bt, sorry. But I have the alg qms and alg act, and ssa and adc.

    The qms is the like getting lucky and getting a real real nice milspec triger with no grit, very little creep and nice clean break. It is better than any trigger that I've done a trigger job on and I've done many. Afterbuying one, I don't see the need to even attempt another home job as they are such a good deal at $45.

    The act is a littl nicer than the qms, a bit more buttery and fractionally lighter on the pull. Is it worth a 45ish% price premium? Um maybe, well honestly I don't think so. If I wanted a milspec trigger, id just get a qms.

    The ssa and sdc are very nice two stage triggers. I've actually traded all my ssa and ssa e for the sdc and sde because it personally prefer a flat trigger bow. If a two stage is what you are looking for, these 4 will do you right.

    If I were building another lower and wanted a milspec type trigger, id just get a standard lpk and check out the trigger it came with. If the milspec triggger with the LPK isn't nice, then I'd upgrade it to a alg qms and call it a day.
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