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    'There is a Time to Fight' - Alexander's Essays - PatriotPost.US

    Alexander's Essay – June 3, 2010

    'There is a Time to Fight'
    "I am not influenced by the expectation of promotion or pecuniary reward. I wish to be useful, and every kind of service necessary for the public good, become honorable by being necessary." --Nathan Hale

    Over the just passed Memorial Day, Patriots across the Fruited Plain paused to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifice made by so many of our uniformed Patriots in honor of their sacred oaths.

    This Saturday, we pause again, to remember the sixth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death, and to take account of his legacy.

    Four weeks hence, Patriots will reflect upon the immense sacrifices, in both blood and treasure, that were spilt in creation of the United States of America, the greatest experiment in human history.

    By uniting these days of reflection with Essential Education, a most vital part of The Patriot's mission, Patriots have the foundation required to understand truly the terrific cost of our Essential Liberty.

    While reflection and education are vital to understanding the history of liberty and how to sustain it, united, continual and forceful action must be undertaken to restore constitutional Rule of Law.

    In the words of Samuel Adams, "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."

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    'There is a Time to Fight' - Alexander's Essays - PatriotPost.US