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Alaska guns

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You guys. I read your advice to some poor guy, you make it sound like you need a howitzer to step out of the Anchorage airport. I've lived here for 30 years, been there and done a lot of it. The T-shirt wore out in the armpits. The best Alaskan rifle I've owned was a Browning BLR .358 Win. Shot 3 bears and 2 moose with it and they all fell straight down. The worst Alaskan rifle I've ever owned was the same BLR. It didn't extract the case every time. I sent it back to Browning, they fixed it and it did the same damn thing. Now my rifle is a Ruger stainless Mk II .338. Killed 3 moose, 0 bears (lost my taste for 'em) all of them took 2 shots, but the rifle works EVERY time. My lovely wife has a .444 Marlin which I would trust with my life (and hers). We both have .44 Blackhawks for fishing trips, which we carry religiously. For walking about, if I have a serious rifle I carry a .22 revolver or my cherished wrist rocket. If I'm after small game I take my .22 rifle and my .44. I'm ready for a bear encounter but don't obsess about it. Only once in 30 years have I felt endangered by a bear, and just backed away while covering the huffing brush with my .358. Be lucky.
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More likely the bear's after the sled dogs food. I killed one in my feed shed. Have shot 3 in my yard, the farthest about 20 yards. Yeah they're there and if they learn you provide chow you have a problem. We had a large grizzly that regularly patrolled the tree line 50 yards from our cabin but he never gave us a problem. I reiterate, only once have I felt endangered by a bear, and then I was between her and her cub. Two friends of mine were charged by grizzlies, if George hadn't had his rifle in his hand he'd have been dead, Larry made it to his truck and grabbed his pistol. Yes things happen, but not all that often. Walk loudly and carry a big gun, but you needn't obsess.
They've been starting the Idiotrod in Willow for the last 6-7 years, and plan to forever more. Too much traffic at the Wasilla end. They still ask the city of Wasilla for money though....
ps. Last bears in my yard I ran off with my wrist rocket. Carried my shotgun along though.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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