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Alaska guns

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You guys. I read your advice to some poor guy, you make it sound like you need a howitzer to step out of the Anchorage airport. I've lived here for 30 years, been there and done a lot of it. The T-shirt wore out in the armpits. The best Alaskan rifle I've owned was a Browning BLR .358 Win. Shot 3 bears and 2 moose with it and they all fell straight down. The worst Alaskan rifle I've ever owned was the same BLR. It didn't extract the case every time. I sent it back to Browning, they fixed it and it did the same damn thing. Now my rifle is a Ruger stainless Mk II .338. Killed 3 moose, 0 bears (lost my taste for 'em) all of them took 2 shots, but the rifle works EVERY time. My lovely wife has a .444 Marlin which I would trust with my life (and hers). We both have .44 Blackhawks for fishing trips, which we carry religiously. For walking about, if I have a serious rifle I carry a .22 revolver or my cherished wrist rocket. If I'm after small game I take my .22 rifle and my .44. I'm ready for a bear encounter but don't obsess about it. Only once in 30 years have I felt endangered by a bear, and just backed away while covering the huffing brush with my .358. Be lucky.
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Alaska Gun

We have a lot of black bears around my house and they are worse than *****, they get into everything and just last month one knocked over my Goldwing motorcycle, if it was not for the dogs the kids would be very limited as to how much they played out side and when, just because you live in a state that harbors these critters doesn't mean your going to see them all the time, probably not, if you live in suberbia, but rest assured if you live where they live you are going to encounter them from time to time, and I would have to say that most times when they see you, they run, but there is always that percentage that are curious or hungry or wounded or with cubs, that warrent caution!!!
Here latly the rattle snakes have been more of a problem than I can ever remember, seems like every time I go out side and walk around the yard I find one or two with out even looking for one, I told my wife about all the ones I have been seeing all around, and she told me yesterday at work, she works at a trout fishing resort right next door to us, that she watched an eagle swoop down and grab a snake and fly off with it, just as it got over head it droped the thing and it almost landed on her, it was then she realized it was a rattler, so you never know what your going to run into, it's just good sence to be as prepaired as you can!
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