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    I noticed some older posts about Alamo Ammunition. I was wondering if anyone had some updated info?

    I have placed two orders with Alamo. When I placed the first order, I completed the paperwork they wanted to ship to an alternate address. The order was shipped to my billing address, despite my efforts to get it sent to the cabin my wife and I maintain for hunting.

    I recently placed another order. I spoke directly with a woman named Jeanette and explained the mess up with the previous order. She acknowledged that she had received the appropriate documents and stated she would use "due diligence" to ensure my order was properly shipped. Less than two hours later I received an email that stated that my order could not be shipped until I completed the proper paperwork.

    I called the following day, spoke to Jeanette. She apologized for the mix-up and stated that the order would be shipped that day. Now, 5 days later, my account status says the order will not ship until I complete the necessary paperwork. They have already charged my card. Have I made a mistake? :confused:
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    Call them back and ask to speak to a supervisor/manager. Tell them your are not happy and to either ship or cancel and refund. Also tell them this is being posted on a gun forum. I learned a long time ago to move up the ladder until you get results. The bosses know it takes advertising $$ to get a customer and it is very easy to lose them with poor service. They also know a disgruntled customer will talk to a lot more people than a happy one.

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    Squeeky Wheel

    I agree that the squeaky wheel usually gets the grease. Over a week, I made 4 calls and finally on the 7th day the customer service agent promised me that the order would ship that day.

    They have a process for ensuring orders shipped to an alternate address are legitimate. I appreciate that, but it seems to be a big stumbling block for them. This was the second order I placed with them and both orders had problems.

    They always seem to have what I need, but their management of online orders presents a significant problem and may be the deal breaker. :confused:
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    I'm going to go with a "yes" answer.:(