Akkar model 300 HD shotgun

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by unclebear, May 21, 2012.

  1. unclebear

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    I took her out today put 100 rounds of federal 2/3" 1 1/8 shot, #7.5 shot. 12 gauge, I tried two different chokes an open one that I thinks just to protect the threads, and a turkey choke that comes with the gun. At 20 yards with the turkey choke I had an average of 9" groups out of an 18/5" barrel, with the other choke I have no clue how bit the group was I'm guessing at least 3 feet. With the ghost ring sights they were pretty much on I hit what I was aiming at I even threw a couple of bottles up and was able to hit them out of the air.

    Over all out of the 100 rounds I had one hang fire, which caught me off guard and the shotgun ended up really nailing me in the shoulder. Over all I think that the guns pretty good, feels good in the hands shoots well. Didn't have any extraction problems or cycling problems. The only real thing I don't like about the gun is it's made in turkey. I try not to buy not american guns but I thought I would try it out.

    Over all I would recommend this gun, so far, but only time will tell if this gun was worth the money.
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    You would be surprised by the quality of Turkish shotguns. They may not be finished well but they aren't bad. There is a company in the us (forget name) that makes a business of getting the Turkish guns putting a good fit and finish on them and adding engraving work and making a huge profit.