AK47 vs SKS

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  1. Hello,

    I see threads about the Kalashnikov vs the AR, 1911 vs Beretta, etc. To me these types of discussions are often apples and oranges: From what I can tell, the AK is meant to be a volume fire weapon first, while the AR is a precision rifle first. The 1911 is meant to do maximum damage to a body while the Beretta seems more geared toward penetration.

    Anyway, I figure, let's compare two platforms firing the same round so that is no longer a factor.

    Let's say you have two choices for a defensive arm: An unmodified SKS or an unmodified, semi-auto Kalashnikov WASR copy.

    You will be grabbing this rifle as you exit your house in a bug-out situation.

    You will have as much ammo as you can carry or find, and you will have as many clips or magazines as you desire.

    Cleaning opportunities will be minimal, and your kit will likely consist of little more than a knotted shoestring dipped in oil or animal fat and dragged through the barrel.

    Targets will be engaged from 0 to 300 yards. You will have the benefit of a bayonet.

    You should expect to use the rifle as a club if needed.

    You have whatever pistol and ammunition you're wearing when you take off, as well as whatever knife you happen to be carrying, but the rifle will be your main weapon to get you safely from point A to point B.

    Which do you choose? The AK clone or the SKS, and why?

  2. Bigdog57

    Bigdog57 New Member

    SKS, hands down. More accurate through it's range limits (it's design promotes use as a sighted weapon rather than spray&pray), it's ergonomics fit me better, and it is simple and rugged. I can carry much more ammo on clips than in heavy magazines.
    Maybe that's why I have three SKS's and only one AK. That's my opinion, worth every bit ya paid for it!

  3. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    I usually leave these threads alone, but what the hell. I would take my AK74. Compact, light, and very accurate. Effective accurate range far exceeds the 7.62x39. Chome lined bore and chamber give it better protection from corrosion. You could piss down the bore to dissolve corrosive salts. Slide on the 2 MOA red dot and it becomes even more deadly. 10 30 round mags give you plenty of ammo that is ready to go.
  4. Biohazurd

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    In a shtf situation i think the ak-47 is the perfect weapon. Ive dragged mine through so many woods and marshes mud and rain and it has never failed me...
  5. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I would go with the SKS on these points. It makes a much better club. Mine seems a bit better at the more distant targets than the WASR's i've tried (only a few). In a limited support situation, i would rather keep track of little stripper clips than mags, especially when considering keeping some empty until you have more ammo access; you can stick a couple dozen stripper clips in one pocket, whereas a dozen AK mags will fill a small bag & be very noisy.
  6. Benning Boy

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    I had one SKS, and it could be finicky if not cleaned properly.

    For clearing buildings, AK wins.

    Bayonet versatility, AK.

    Accuracy, SKS had slight advantage.