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    I have an issue with a AK I purchased . I have tried 4 different mounts including a POSP mount with all the same issue. The installed mounting rail on the receiver will not center any mount I have purchased or any I barrowed. I used the mounts and scope on my other 3 AK’s with no issue. I am inclosing a pictures of the problem. (Top view).

    I ran out of windage and elevation, the windage is off 1.5 feet and 9” of elevation.

    You can see in the picture the mount is skewed to the right. The same mount on my othe AK is in aligned and I can zero in the scope. The receiver rail mount will not work. Please let me know how to correct or is ther a mount out there with a Horizontal and vertical adjustment??????????
    This is a Black Widow I bought on Gun Broker. No reply from the seller! The rail mount is Riveted .

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    Did you ever find a solution? I am experiencing the same thing -- very frustrating.

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    Check out RS Products. They have some mounts that are adjustable to center the rail over the bore. Once centered you can lock tire the adjustment bolts.