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AK 47 Front Site Help

Hello Tom


If It were me, I'd let it ride till you take it to the range, I've seen a lot of AK and SKS with site that looked off, but shot dead on? It's a matter of 100Yard range, a Nice day and try it out? If it is off, you might try one of the front site pushing tools Tapco and othes have them for under 10$, I bet even if it's off, one of those will bring it back in? Do yourself a favor and Try it before you adjust anything! If you start cranking on stuff, no telling where it will hit, start out at 50 yards, if not far off, move to 100, if still on a Human target size target, leave it alone! If not get back to us wheich way it's off and we can talk you through the moving the front site, OK?
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