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    Ey I am new to the forums and I was wondering what the cheapest ak you could buy was?
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    Check out Atlantic Firearms. I bought a Bulgarian AK 47 Underfolder build by Vector Arms. It cost me 800.00. From what I understand this is an slightly above average quality domestic build. The finish and function is good. I have had no problems and like it a lot.

    Cheapest AK 47: There are a lot of AK 47 and AK variant experts on this forum. I AM NO EXPERT but this is what I have learned from them. The cheapest AK 47 would probably be a WASR 10 Romanian single stack magazine converted to double stack by Century Arms. Century has a mediocre reputation for quality control. Many people call them trash. Some complaints are that the magazine will wobble or have a loose fit. Canted or tilted front sights are also common. If you can inspect the weapon before you buy Century might still be a good option. I have fired my friends WASR 10 and it functions perfectly. No mag wobble, no canted front sight, no jams. A converted WASR 10 should sell for around 400.00.

    Good value: Many people buy single stack Saiga Sporter (hunting style rifles) and have them converted. They are pretty cheap before you get started with modification. These rifles are Russian made and are much better quality. A double stack mag well can be fabricated by a competent person. They sell stock and pistol grip kits that you can install yourself. There are also special 30 round mags called sure-fire that will fit the single stack mag well. I saw a nice Saiga AK 47 single stack (non-converted) for 379.00.

    Good luck on your search for an AK. Unless you get a complete POS it should be very reliable and fun to shoot. Ammo is cheap and they are easy to break down and clean. Keep following the AK threads and you will learn all you need to know. Check out reviews before you buy.