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    what is the diff. in the full auto,very expensive Ak verses the semi auto 400$ AK thats in every other pawn shop??? Does anybody know?
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    It is a function of availability by way of the NFA rules. New slect fire / autp guns are no longer available (transferrable); only pre '86 exist so there is a finite number available to non Cls III dealers.



    AK (SEMI), VS Full auto AKM or a real "Assault Rifle"

    Hello all/Responce to Hillbilly68

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    The differences are pety much as Liebo has stated, it's a matter of one needing the Class # Buyer to trasfer it to someone who has paid the 200$ tax stamp, gone through the Feds vetting system to make usre your not a criminal and putting you in thier data bank to harass the entire time of your ownership? I had a Thompson yers ago and after a Buddy had an MP-5 stolen out of a Vehicle at a show, I sold off that Class three Item quick? The harassed him for years following that theft, despite he has ploice reports has afew suspect folks that might have stolen it in files and all, they trated him like HE Had stolen his own gun!

    Now, in the pratical application, I have had the oppertunity to fire both Semi-auto models, (I own a Madi Egyption copy of the Rissan AKM) that rifle was built on Russian machinery, so it's darn close to the russian AK-47, was the closest in the countrty till the Russian models got imported a while back? In the end, the Semi auto feels, acts and shoots like the Full auto select fire model in Semi-auto mode! it's when the Full auto Model AKM or AK-47 is flipped to the Funn auto mode on the selector do the differences appear? To be honest, it trows a lot of lead out there! it's Funll, awesome to see, lots of Muzzle flash, a biut of muzzle rise and a lot of empty brass flying! Does it really have a usefull application? I'd say for the the average "Joe" NO! It's a good "panic Fire" application, if you were surrounded and needed to put a lot of lead down range, but a lot of Misses, a lot of expended ammo and for most but the most experienced a lot of MISSES! You can rent one at some ranges that offer it, and as well the M-16 Full auto cousin of th AR-15, In fact I encourage it! That way, one gets a true appreciation for semi=-auto aimed fire? That puts a lot more rounds in the "Black" and puts the bad guy down far more often than a lot of misses and spent brass flying? Fun yes, Pratical to all but those that pratic a lot and lot, NO!
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    Semi vs Full Auto

    Full auto increases testosterone, but that's about it. One well-placed, well-aimed round is better than all the "spray and pray" in the world. The Brits and the Argentines used the same rifle in the Falklands War. The Argentine version was full auto, the Brit version was semi. The Argentines didn't hit their targets as well (they caused fewer casualties), often ran out of ammunition prematurely and, bottom line... lost.

    For awhile our own Army was putting three-round "burst limiters" on our own Soldiers' rifles. Firing lots of bullets may look good in a Rambo movie, but in the real world there is a lot of down time changing magazines, allowing the bad guys to maneuver against you. Firing full auto causes erratic movement of the barrel that cannot be fully compensated for by even the best muzzle brake. "One round, one hit" is MUCH preferablw to "100 rounds, no hits".

    Full auto is definitely FUN... but that's about it. Now, in a crew served, belt fed weapon where fire can be sustained... well... THAT is a different story altogether.
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    Some people do not understand the role of deferent small firearms on the battle field.
    There are many deferent functions for firearms like Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and machineguns, assault rifles. Deferent toys for deferent boys.
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    AAR, you are correct. You are also replying to a thread from May. Of 2008. Our longstanding policy and practices require that the thread be sent a birthday card- cake is optional. :p

    Airline- welcome to the forum. When you get a minute, drop by the intro thread and say hello, and tell us about yerself.
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    Plus, the cost of ammo, for us not patriotically dying for our

    respective countries. IF you buy bulk, a 40 round mag of

    762X39, give or take, is going to run you @ 9.00 $. IMHO,

    lots of fun for the first 50 bucks or so...

    There is a tactical value in fire suppression to having an

    entire squad or platoon be able to switch to full auto,

    for brief periods. Hopefully, you'll never need that here at

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