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    Took a couple of AK clones to the range today (taking some Christmas leave and took advantage of going to the range during working hours when it isn't as crowded). One is a MISR-90 (a Maadi receiver with Norinco Barrel, Trunion, and internals except for upgrades US parts, Like G2 trigger, US piston, furniture etc. It has the camo stock. The other is a WASR 10/63 that was a pawn shop rescue. It was spray painted entirely flat black when I got it. I wanted to see how the two compared side by side in feel and accuracy.


    I shot bot at 25 yds with a couple types of ammo. One was 123gr FMJ of unknown origin with lacquered cases, and the other was Wolf Polyformance 123gr HP with polymer coated cases.

    At 25 yds both performed pretty similar. The WASR sights were regulated higher on the "Battle" setting, while the MISR was hitting point of aim at 25 yes. I didn't save the 25 yd target, because it got a bit moist (Who'd have figured in Washington?). The 100yd target was more telling. The MISR was hitting left of POI by several inches at 100 yes and groups were around 6-8 inches. The WASR on the other hand was pretty close to right on with the rear sight on the 100 meter mark, and just slightly left. That was the only part of the target I actually ended up saving because the rest kind of shredded from the moisture. You will see a few hit from the MISR on the target, because it was hitting so high and left that three rounds wandered into the oval I had used for the WASR. The WASR is pretty accurate for a AK type, using a short sight radius, and not the best sights or ammo. One of the low hits I called, because I let the trigger break before I paused my breathing. These were shot from a bench because I was comparing the two clones.

    I struggled a bit on wording the hits from the MISR on there, so forgive the chicken scratch.

    I didn't have my sight pusher with me to adjust the MISR sight. I will need to get back out to the range and adjust it, and try more loads. I've had better groups with it in the past., and I hadn't benched this WASR at 100 yds before today. I had only whacked gongs with it in the past and shot it offhand at 50 yds and other unmeasured distances. It always seemed to hit what I pointed it at.
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