AK or SKS - looking at Chantilly gun show next week

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Steve65, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I'm thinking about spending the last of my mad money on an AK or SKS and don't know much about either gun or where to buy. I prefer a face-to-face transaction, so I'm thinking of going to the "big" (so I'm told) gun show in Chantilly, VA next week.

    So I'm looking for advice. I'd prefer something that will hold a 30-round clip, 7.62x39, as a cheap plinker (and SHTF gun). Swabbing the barrel and wiping it down is one thing, but I like to shoot, not disassemble and clean and fiddle with it to make it reliable.

    Any advice on which gun or any good dealers that might be at that show is appreciated.
  2. c3shooter

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    Steve- Virginia has a quirk in the law regarding "assualt rifles"- they may only be sold to a US citizen or a Permanent Resident. If you have a VA dealer following the rules, they will need proof of one or the other if you buy an AK (detachable mag) take along birth cert, passport, voter registration card. Would like to be there myself, but have committments (and no money right now :()

  3. Steve65

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    Thankls for that advice -- will take my passport in case I find a deal.

    Still trying to find out what a good deal is. Here is one that I think is a decent deal from Atlantic Firearms...

    AK47 MD1975 Black Rifle with 5 Mags, 762 x 39 semi auto ,Please click on the image for more details.
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    ak or sks

    I like both the ak and sks. For accuracy i like the sks if your looking to burn 30 rd clips, then you might want to get the ak. Keep in mind there are some very good after market clips for the sks, and if you want to spend some extra $ rifle-tech sells some great mags w/out the duck bill. Both great guns, both very reliable.
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    If you want the 30 round mags both can do that but with the SKS it takes a little modding to get there. Unless you find a Chinese SKS that can use AK mags. The AKs will use AK mags but there are some that have been made to use a single stack mag and again your modding to get it to use the "regular" mags. THe AK will run a little more depending where it comes from but you get the AK reliability. The SKS will also run well pretty dirty. I've let mine get pretty funky on a weekend on pretty heavy use.

    You can't go wrong with either really. If you're going to a show you should see plenty of both. Pick them up and see how they feel to you. With decent ammo both will shoot well so it will really come down to the individual rifles and how they feel to you. But with the capacity issue you will probably want the AK.
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    I prefer the Ak-74 5.45+39 nice shooting rifle not much recoil. When i bought the rifle it would only take single stack magz took it to the local gunsmith for $80.00 they put it on a machine bored it out a little now it takes double stack magz. I also replaced the furniture from a dragunov stock to a yugoslavian stock and fore grip. I think its a fun gun to shoot and hey CHICKS dig it..
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    In Maryland those guns require a 7 (really 8) day waiting period (here's the list).

    I don't think you can legally make this purchase without a waiting period and I think you should consult an attorney about it. But I'm pretty confident of 2 things. One the transaction would be illegal to do unless the FFL at the show sends it to an FFL in MD and two that you will find the dealers at the show will require proof of state residence and when you show Maryland they will not sell to you same day.

    Check out Glade valley sporting goods here in Frederick. Glade Valley Sporting Goods - 301-631-9048 I bought my Saiga .308 from them and it was already converted. It's a .308 also so the ammo is very common.

    If you know what gun you want, buy magazines for it in VA as you can't legally buy magazines over 20 rounds in MD but you can buy them in VA and bring them to MD.