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just out of curiosity didn't you say they were interchangeable earlier?:rolleyes:

just about like when you post information on 1911's when you really have no idea as to what you are saying.

how many guns do you own? how many have you ever owned? how many have you worked on?

something for you to think abou. maybe you ought to try learning something before start making statements that are incorrect and misleading. it confuses those actually trying to learn something, instead of upping their post count.:rolleyes:
That's like saying a 12 ga magazine and a 9mm magazine are interchangeable.
in his estimation they are!:eek:
Okay, enough of this. We are all here to learn. I've posted many very basic questions here and have been wrong many, MANY times. I would be very ticked if I were treated as FullautoUSA is being treated here. He admitted he didn't know. He learned something new. Okay, then, back off of him. We are here to help each other along and share info, not to belittle and show that we are smarter than the next guy. I was going to delete these posts but I thought I'd leave them as an example of what how we DON'T want to have happening here.

Please, play nice.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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