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    Not the kind your thinking of. My wife and I went to the local magazine store today, and while she was browsing whatever it is she likes to read, I headed to the gun section. With all the mags there, I noticed there were 3 or 4 AR-15 mags, all about the AR. Every page. Every pic was AR-15. So I got to thinking, where is the AK magazine? I swear out of the 25 gun mags, not one of them had anything to do with an AK. Hell, even one had a LAW rocket article in it. So, has anyone ever seen or know of any magazine thats just for the AK?
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    Petersens Publishing, (The folks who publish Guns and Ammo), was doing an annual issue on the AK. Don't remember what time of year it usually comes out, though.

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    IMO, the publishers don't see any profit in it.

    After all, the AKs aren't widely accessorized, or

    in the accuracy or price range of ARs.

    It's the cost, and popularity of AR accessories

    which generates the advertising making "AR mags"


    Most AKs are a harmonic symphony of simplicity,

    and most accessories are cheap, widely available,

    or already come with the platform at purchase...
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    Like "therewolf" is saying the money is in the false perception the the AR is the best around & the gun nuts that don't know any better or are scared to buck the crowds thinking will only buy magazines that glorify this thinking.
    Guns & Ammo publishers put out a book called Complete book of the AK47. I was looking though a copy at my local book store & all the time while standing there all the comments were "that gun is a piece of junk" or "that is a commie gun"! But all the time I stood there reading no one that made a comment picked up the book to read the truth.
    The guy at the store said that they can't keep the AK books on the shelves, they sell that fast. So maybe the word will get out with enough books out there & if the have the smarts to read them.;)
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    If you need AK mags please contact me.