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So I want to start an AK build eventually. Can't right now because of money constraints (getting married next year and need to save all I can), but I'm doing a little window shopping as it were, doing research on exactly what I want to buy.

So far I've decided on all the features and modifications I hope to apply to my AK. They are:
- Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO (Arsenal, Inc. SLR-106)
- Bolton gas block front sight
- Tritium front sight post
- Quad rail system
- Stable dust cover rail system (Texas Weapon Systems)
- Rail mounted rear peep sight
- AK Lightning Bolt (Relocating the charging handle to the left side).
- EMA tactical magazine release
- TDI pistol grip
- Galil-style left-side safety selector
- One-point sling mount
- Recoil-reducing M4-style buffer tube
- Mako adjustable stock with cheek riser

That's everything I can think of at the moment. I just had a couple questions about the build.
1. The gas block: does anyone know if a stock front sight post would fit in it?
2. Also, would it fit on the 5.56 AK variant or only on the 7.62?
3. This one goes back to the front sight post. Anyone know if a tritium post for the 5.56 AK even exists? Or does it matter?
4. Is there any mods on this list of mine that are incompatible with another? I'm a little concerned with the rifle being chambered in a less common round for its type.

Any tips/comments/answers would be greatly appreciated. Semper Fi and thanks.
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