AK-47 Made In The USA??

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    I spent the weekend in northern VT for my great aunts 90th b.day party at Michael's On The Hill (which has delicious food btw). I met a whole bunch of relatives for the first time. And this one guy walks up to a group I'm talking in and asks if anyone knows who has the black Subaru with the FirearmsTalk.com logo. I said it was mine, expecting him to apologize for hitting my car or worse, be a liberal hippie about to give me some sh!t. Turns out he is one of 'us' and has an extensive collection of mostly military surplus rifles. Everyone is sat down for dinner, blah blah blah - couple hours later, I make my way to the patio to enjoy the view and let my dinner sit in preparation for dessert.

    So this guy finds me again and starts talking about how his club is currently working with Century International and testing a 100% American made AK-47 for the military. Also, something special about the mags - they are not compatible with other AKs, but this 'American made AK' can accept anything under the sun.

    Now, this being the first time I heard of this, I didn't want to call shenanigans without doing my own research. He also said I wouldn't have heard of it because CIA doesn't want this out in the open yet. Its a very interesting topic, but I quickly turned it into an AK vs AR conversation and tried to leave it at that.

    Can anyone let me know what his guy was talking about? :confused:
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    I call BS unless this is the next episode of Sons of Guns and they are selling one of these to some military guy and claiming it as a military sale.

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    the CIA is looking for you now.............
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    There are US made AK's. Century employs monkeys to assemble guns from imported and US made parts. If the US is looking to Century to make AK's for them, then they are looking for defective, blow up in your face, sterile guns to give to our enemies. ( I am not saying Century makes guns that will blow up in your face, but would certainly know how to do it).

    I believe Lancaster was making full auto AK's for some US branch to be exported to re-arm the Iraqis.
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    Thanks for the clarification :cool:
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    inner ordanace claims to make 100% us made AK47s, i had one and it was a great lil rifle, thay also garentee 2 moa or better and it held up to that with any thing i fed it. the one i had every thing was us marked right down to the gas block and rear sight leaf.

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