Ak-47 in 22lr

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    Is there a 22lr that looks like an Ak-47 and has the same reliability
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    Yes and no...

    Among the current "AKs" in .22LR...

    As mentioned, ATI imports a GSG-made "AK" in .22LR. It is proportionally out-of-scale to a real AK and has nothing really in common aside from looks.
    Another negative is the price, availability of mags.
    On the plus sides - ATI has great cust support, you can get a factory left-side folder stock for that modern-style, and, CDNN has/had them at firesale prices.

    See it here:


    Another, cheaper, uglier, fuglier, butt-fuglier, even less AK-like "AK" in .22LR is the abortion of a .22 "AK" from Armscor - yes, the same folks from the PI that give us the outstanding Rock Island 1911s.
    Armscor uses this same platform to give us their equally horrific-looking .22LR "AR". What is harder to imagine besides dealers selling these is the fact that some folks actually have been buying them over the past 27+ years.

    See them here, but be warned that what has been seen can not be unseen...

    Untitled Document

    Of the no-longer-made .22LR AKs to look for on the auction sites...

    There was an AK-22 imported from Italy by Mitchell Arms in the 80's, along with the PPS-50/22, Galil .22, FAMAS .22, and a solid-looking "SP1" AR in .22. All but the reissued PPS50/22 are rare and with almost zero aftermarket or spares to be had. They were good looking guns.

    See pics of them here and get in line hoping for a reissued Galil or FAMAS.

    GunFax.com - the unofficial Calico fan site and Rockin' Rimfires

    The best of the best AKs in .22LR came from the Cugir arsenals of Romania.

    For whatever earthly reasons they are no longer being imported. Its a shame as to why, as .22's are 922-exempt and they would sell like bacon on a stick. Whatever.
    The Romy .22 AKs have their own following and even have a sub-forum here:
    The AK Forum L.L.C. - View forum - WASR 22

    These Romys are/were TRUE, purpose-built .22LR blow-back AKMs. AKM-74-style recvrs built with .22LR bolt and with purpose-built mags. Obviously the gas tube was empty and was there for cosmetics.

    The first issues from Romania were the "AKT98", available in both fixed-butt AKM style and an RPK-like config. The RPKs are the rarest. Several folks imported these, AFAIK, SOG was the last.

    The next iterations of Romy .22 AKs were the WASR-22s, imported by Century Arms.
    These were only sold as fixed-stock AKMs, no RPK was offered. All furniture including FCG and sweet AK sidefolder are a direct swap between 7.62x39 AKMs and WASR22s.
    A huge plus is that Blackdog Machine makes an excellent hi-cap mag for the WASR22s and they can be tuned to run fantastically.

    Future AKs in .22??

    Maybe Century will resume WASR22 imports? Maybe someone will start importing the SAIGA .22 AKs?

    Meantime my advice:
    Find a WASR22 or AKT98 if you want a REAL AKM in .22.


    Stop the presses - this just in - its a new variant of the WASR22.. Good news for those of you who have been searching for one..

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